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Wyatt EarpWho was sheriff of Tombstone, Arizona in 1881?
Identify the US historical figures pictured below.











SAN FRANCISCOWhat US city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1906?

Who was the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court?
U.S. History

U.S. History

Colonial History

First permanent settlement, 1565 St. Augustine

First English colony, 1588 Roanoke Island

Virginia colony, 1607 Jamestown

Massachusetts colony, 1620 Plymouth

First Pilgrim at Plymouth Rock John Alden

First governor of Plymouth, died during first winter John Carver

Plymouth governor elected 30 times William Bradford

Pilgrim known as “Little Shrimp” Miles Standish

First legislature in Virginia, 1619 House of Burgesses

Dutch settlement, 1624 New Netherlands

New York City’s original name New Amsterdam

Boston to New York road established in 1672 Boston Post Road

Virginia rebellion, 1676 Bacon’s Rebellion

Colonial capital of Virginia Williamsburg

Virginia namesake Queen Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen)

Man who claimed Virginia for England Sir Walter Raleigh

He purchased Manhattan from the Indians Peter Minuit

Providence and Rhode Island founder Roger Williams

Dutch governor of New Netherlands Peter Stuyvesant

Maryland founder Cecil Calvert (second Lord Baltimore)

Georgia founder James Oglethorpe

Fort Orange location Albany

Philadelphia founder William Penn

Colonial silversmith and engraver Paul Revere

Puritan husband of Maria Cotton Increase Mather

Increase Mather’s son Cotton Mather

He married Pocahontas John Rolfe

Pocahontas’ father Powhatan

Man Pocahontas saved John Smith

Detroit founder Antoine Cadillac

Boston Tea Party organizer Samuel Adams

Colonial seamstress Betsy Ross

Boston hall, “The Cradle of Liberty” Faneuil Hall

Pre-Revolutionary War patriotic societies Sons of Liberty

New England religious revival, 1730-50 Great Awakening

Father of the Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards

Act passed by British Parliament in 1763 Stamp Act

Street clash that killed five colonists in 1770 Boston Massacre

Dumping of British tea into Boston Harbor in 1773 Boston Tea Party

British legislation reacting to Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts

Colonial legislature established in 1774 First Continental Congress

Kentucky frontiersman, 1775 Daniel Boone

American History:

First constitution, Nov. 15, 1777 Articles of Confederation

First president under the Articles of Confederation John Hanson

Body representing the colonies, 1774-89 Continental Congress

Continental Congress president, 1775-77 John Hancock

Continental Congress last president Cyrus Griffin

Party of the first two presidents Federalist Party

Roadway across Appalachians Cumberland Road

Designer of the American flag Francis Hopkins

U.S. capital from 1775-83 Philadelphia

U.S. capital, 1783 Annapolis

U.S. capital from 1789-90 New York City

Massachusetts farmers rebellion of 1786 Shays’ Rebellion

Document established in 1787 U.S. Constitution

Hamilton’s 1790 report Report on public credit

He founded the Bank of America, 1791 Alexander Hamilton

First Secretary of War John Knox (Fort Knox)

First Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton’s 85 essays Federalist papers

Duelist who shot Alexander HamiltonAaron Burr

Eli Whitney’s invention, 1791Cotton gin

Liquor tax rebellion of 1794 Whiskey Rebellion

Diplomatic incident with France in 1797 XYZ affair

American frigate launched in Boston, 1797 USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)

U.S. land purchase of 1803 Louisiana Purchase ($15 Million)

Case declared unconstitutional, 1803 Marbery vs. Madison

He burned the Philadelphia in Tripoli harbor, 1804 Stephen Decatur (Decatur, IL)

“The Pathfinder,” governor of the Arizona Territory John C. Fremont

Explorers of northern Louisiana PurchaseMeriwether Lewis and William Clark

William Clark’s frontiersman brother George Rogers Clark

Explorer of southern Louisiana Purchase Zebulon Pike (Pike’s Peak)

Winner of the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813 Oliver Hazard Perry

Fort bombed by British in 1814 Fort McHenry

Man who wrote Star Spangled Banner in 1814 Francis Scott Key

Man who captured New Orleans in 1815 Andrew Jackson

Pirate who aided in Battle of New Orleans Jean Lafitte

1815 treaty that officially ended the War of 1812Treaty of Ghent (Belgium)

“The Great Compromiser;” negotiated the Treaty of Ghent Henry Clay

Territory in the Ohio Valley and northward Northwest Territory

States fighting in the Toledo War Ohio and Michigan

Party established by Henry Clay & Daniel Webster Whigs

1820 compromise over slavery dispute Missouri Compromise

Doctrine warning Europe not to interfere in Western Hemisphere, 1823Monroe Doctrine

Man-made waterway, 1825 Erie Canal

He led unsuccessful slave rebellion, 1831 Nat Turner

It rang for the last time in 1835 Liberty Bell

San Antonio shrine Alamo

Commander at the Alamo, 1836 William Travis

Tennessee frontiersman killed at Alamo Davy Crockett

Knife inventor killed at Alamo Jim Bowie

Northwest land dispute motto, 1844 “54-40 or fight”

“Old Fuss and Feathers;” captured Mexico City in 1847............. Winfield Scott

Treaty that ended Mexican-American War..........Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo

Langtree, Texas “Law west of the Pecos” Judge Roy Bean

Short-lived U.S. state in western Tennessee Franklin

Birthplace of the Conestoga wagon Lancaster, PA

Settlers trapped in Sierra Madres, 1846-47 Donner party

Site where gold was discovered in 1848 Sutter’s Mill

First U.S. steamship commander, negotiated trading treaty with Japan, 1853

Commodore Matthew Perry

Territory bought from Mexico, 1853 Gadsden Purchase

1854 act that nullified Missouri Compromise Kansas-Nebraska Act

Women’s Christian Temperance Union party Prohibition Party

“Paper note party” Greenbacks

“Ignorant party”Know Nothings

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s preacher brotherHenry Ward Beecher

Supreme Court decision,1857 Dred Scott Decision

He debated with Abe Lincoln, 1858 Stephen Douglas

Nevada silver lode, 1859Comstock Lode

He raided Harper’s Ferry, 1859 John Brown

“The boss of Tammany Hall” in the 1860s(William Marcy) “Boss” Tweed

Mail delivery service, 1860-61 Pony Express

Pony Express terminals St. Joseph, MO & Sacramento, CA

Congressional act giving land to settlers, 1862 Homestead Act

NYC riots, 1863Draft Riots

Land purchase, 1867, a.k.a. Seward’s FollyAlaska Territory ($7.2 million)

He instituted the national banking system Salmon P. Chase

Trail from Texas to Abilene, KSChisholm Trail

Transportation route, completed 1869 Transcontinental Railroad

Utah point where the transcontinental railroad met Promontory Point

Railroads that met at Promontory PointUnion Pacific and Central Pacific

Great fire, 1871 Chicago fire

Laws enacted for segregation in the 1880s Jim Crow laws

Tombstone, AZ marshal, 1881 Wyatt Earp

Famous Tombstone, AZ gunfight, 1881 Gunfight at the OK Corral

Feuding families in 1882 Hatfields and McCoys

“The Son of Morning Star,”died at Little Big Horn… George Armstrong Custer

Statue that was dedicated in 1886 Statue of Liberty

Chicago riots, 1886Haymarket riots

Pennsylvania flood of 1889 Johnstown flood

Trust busting act, 1890 Sherman Anti-trust Act

American Railway Union founder, 1893 Eugene Debs

Rail workers strike, 1894 Pullman Strike

“Separate, but equal” Supreme Court decision Plessy vs. Ferguson

1896 William Jennings Bryan speech “Cross of Gold”

Ship that exploded in Havana Harbor in 1898 Maine

War that commenced in 1898 Spanish-American War

He won the Battle of Manila Bay, 1898 Commodore George Dewey

Disaster that killed 6,000, 1900 Galveston hurricane

Five-time Socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs

Disaster that killed 500, 1906 San Francisco earthquake

“Robber Baron” who organized U.S. Steel, 1901 J. P. Morgan

Oil baron who was first billionaire in the U.S. John D. Rockefeller

“Saloon Smasher,” 1910 Carry Nation

William Howard Taft’s policy toward Latin America Dollar Diplomacy

Health claims act, 1912 Pure Food and Drug Act

Central U.S. banking authority created in 1913 Federal Reserve System

He established the first auto assembly line, 1913 Henry Ford

Unfair business practices agency, 1914Federal Trade Commission

Teddy Roosevelt’s independent partyProgressive or Bull Moose Party

He chased Pancho Villa into Mexico John (Black Jack) Pershing

Law enforcing 18th Amendment, 1919 Volstead Act

Major police strike, 1919Boston police strike

He organized the U.S. Communist Party in 1919John Reed

Baseball scandal, 1919 “Black Sox” scandal

U.S. declined to join this body, 1920League of Nations

Harding pardoned this Socialist in 1921Eugene Debs

Wyoming oil leasing scandal, 1923Teapot Dome Scandal

Pair accused of killing 14 year-old Bobby Franks, 1924Leopold and Loeb

Leopond and Loeb's attourneyClarence Darrow

Tennessee trial about evolution in schools, 1925Scopes (monkey) trial

He launched first liquid fueled rocket, 1926Robert Goddard

First U.S. underwater tunnel, 1927 Holland Tunnel

Voting league established, 1928League of Women Voters

Beaumont, Texas oil field Spindle Top Field

Secretary of Interior who took bribes, 1929Albert Fall

Date of the stock market crashOctober 29, 1929 (“Black Tuesday”)

FDR’s 1933 program to end the depressionNew Deal

Group of dams built as part of the New DealTennessee Valley Authority

Louisiana senator shot, 1935 Huey Long

U.S. gold repository, established in 1935Fort Knox

Chicago to L.A. highway; “Main Street of America”Route 66

He set around-the-world flying record, 1938Howard Hughes

He broadcast “The War of the Worlds” in 1938Orson Welles

Boston night club fire,491 killed Coconut Grove

Site of first atomic bomb test in 1945Alamogordo, New Mexico

Statesman awarded Nobel Peace Prize, 1945Cordell Hull

Site of first postwar atomic bomb test in 1946Bikini Atoll

He broke the sound barrier, 1947 Chuck Yeager

Law that banned closed union shops, 1948Taft-Hartley Act

Last Five-Star General, 1948Omar Bradley

Sex researcher at Indiana University, 1948Alfred Kinsey

Statesman convicted of lying to HUAC, 1948Alger Hiss

Time magazine editor involved with Alger HissWhittaker Chambers

Great robbery of 1950 Brinks robbery

First computer, 1950 ENIAC

Computer used by U.S. Census Bureau, 1951UNIVAC

Tennessee senator who held organized crime hearings, 1951Estes Kefauver

Pacific site of first H-bomb test, 1951 Eniwetok

“Hollywood Ten” investigative committee HUAC

“Hollywood Ten” spokesmanHumphrey Bogart

First U.S. nuclear powered submarine, 1954 Nautilus

Post WW II generation “Baby Boomers”

Generation that followed baby boomers“Generation X”

Supreme Court anti-segregation decision, 1954Brown vs. Board of Education

Bus boycott city, 1955Montgomery

Man who created first state Board of EducationHorace Mann

High school integration city, 1957Little Rock

14-year-old U.S. chess champion in 1957Bobby Fischer

Man given correct quiz show answersCharles Van Doren

J. F. Dulles’ brother and head of the CIAAllen Dulles

They participated in the “Kitchen Debate”, 1959Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev

First TV-covered presidential debateNixon/Kennedy

Failed Cuban invasion site, 1961Bay of Pigs

Nightclub comedian arrested for obscenity, 1961Lenny Bruce

Doctor defended by F. Lee Bailey before Supreme Court in 1962...Sam Shepard

Member of the Weavers and political activistPete Seeger

American pilot shot down over Soviet Union, 1962Francis Gary Powers

Nuclear weapons treaty of 1963 Test Ban Treaty

JFK assassination investigation committeeWarren Commission

Martin Luther King’s Freedom March citiesSelma to Montgomery

LBJ’s social programGreat Society

House resolution concerning VietnamGulf of Tonkin Resolution

Law that opened up government files, 1966Freedom of Information Act

Spring, 1968, North Vietnam offensiveTet Offensive

Event that occurred on July 20, 1969Moon landing

Base on the Moon, 1969 Tranquility Base

Name of Apollo 11 space capsule Eagle

Rock concert at Bethel, New York, 1969Woodstock

Air quality standards act of 1970 Clean Air Act

Ads banned, 1971 Cigarette ads

Nixon’s attorney-general who resigned in 1972John Mitchell

Analyst who leaked the Pentagon PapersDaniel Ellsberg

Nixon’s White House Chief of StaffH.R. Halderman

He directed the Watergate Hotel burglary E. Howard Hunt

White House lawyer caught up in Watergate John Dean

Head of committee investigating Watergate Sam Ervin

Company given $1.5 billion bailout in 1973 Chrysler

Environmental act of 1973 Endangered Species Act

Disease first recognized in Philadelphia, 1976 Legionnaire’s Disease

Oil artery finished in 1977Alaska pipeline

This became an American territory in 1978 American Samoa

News program covering Iran hostage crisis Nightline

Nightline host Ted Koppel

Number of days of the Iran hostage crisis 444

Site of nuclear power accident, 1979Three Mile Island

Peace pact worked out by President Carter, 1979Camp David Accords

Volcano that erupted in 1980Mt. St. Helens

He funneled money Nicaraguan ContrasOliver North

Admiral indicted over Iran-Contra affairJohn Poindexter

Commission presiding over Iran-Contra hearingsTower Commission

Bill intended to balance U.S. budget, 1985Graham-Rudman (Hollings)

Gun bill named for White House press secretaryBrady Bill

U.S.-Latin America developement project, 1961Alliance for America

Idaho site of FBI standoff, 1992Ruby Ridge

Banker whose conviction was overturned in 1993Charles Keating

Trade agreement ratified in 1993 NAFTA

World trade agreement ratified in 1994 GATT

Prince Edward Sound disaster, 1989Exxon Valdez oil spill

Name for Iraqi war, 1990Operation Desert Storm

Act passed in 2001 to deter terrorismPatriot Act

Name for Afganistan war, 2001Operation Enduring Freedom

Name for Iraq war, 2003Operation Iraqi Freedom

New Orleans disaster, 2005Hurricane Katrina

FBI Watergate whistleblower know as "Deep Throat"Mark Felt

Gulf coast disaster, 2010BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill

East coast disaster, 2011Hurricane Sandy

Nationwide protest movement, 2011Occupy Wall Street

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