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Maria TheresaWhat Hapsburg queen was mother to Marie Antoinette?
William the ConquerorWho defeated Harold II at the Battle of Hasting in 1066 to become King of England?
Nicholas IIWho was the last emperor (tsar) of Russia?
What french king was known as "The Sun King"?
Anne BoleynMother of Queen Elizabeth I, who was the second wife of King Henry VIII?
Grsce KellyOscar-wining actress Grace Kelly gave up acting forever to marry what European royalty?
King Abdullah IIKing Abdullah II is the king of what country?
Richard IIIWhat English king, from the House of York, died at the Battle of Bosworth Field?
Bhumibol Adulyadej is the former king of what country?
KamehamehaWhat Hawaiian king united all the islands?
Alfred the GreatWhat "Great" English king rules from 871 to 899 a.d.?
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Current Royalty:

Belgium Philippe

Denmark Margarethe II

Japan Akihito

Jordan King Abdullah II

Liechtenstein Prince Hans-Adam II

Luxembourg Grand Duke Henri

Monaco Prince Rainier

Netherlands King Willem-Alexander

Norway Harold V

Saudi Arabia King Salman

Spain King Felipe VI

Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf

Thailand King Maha Vajiralongkorn (Rama X)

United Kingdom Elizabeth II

English Royalty:


Arthur Late 5th Century Briton

Egbert 829-39 Saxon

Alfred the Great 871-99 Saxon

Ethelred the Unready 978-1016 Saxon

Harold I 1035-40 Danish

Edward the Confessor 1042-66 Saxon

Harold II 1066 Saxon

William I, the Conqueror 1066-87 Norman

William II 1087-1100 Norman

Henry I 1100-35 Norman

Stephen 1135-54 Norman

Henry II 1154-1189 Plantagenet

Richard I, the Lionheart 1189-99 Plantagenet

John 1199-1216 Plantagenet

Henry III 1216-72 Plantagenet

Edward I, Hammer of the Scotts 1272-1307 Plantagenet

Edward II 1307-27 Plantagenet

Edward III 1327-77 Plantagenet

Richard II 1377-99 Plantagenet

Henry IV 1399-1413 Lancaster

Henry V 1413-22 Lancaster

Henry VI 1422-71 Lancaster

Edward IV 1471-83 York

Edward V 1483 York

Richard III 1483-1485 York

Henry VII 1485-1509 Tudor

Henry VIII 1509-1547 Tudor

Edward VI 1547-53 Tudor

Lady Jane Grey Uncrowned Tudor

Mary 1553-58 Tudor

Elizabeth I 1558-1603 Tudor

James I 1603-25 Stuart

Charles I 1625-49 Stuart

Charles II 1660-85 Stuart

James II 1685-88 Stuart

William III 1689-1702 Orange

Mary II 1689-1694 Orange

Anne 1702-14 Stuart

George I 1714-27 Hanover

George II 1727-60 Hanover

George III 1760-1820 Hanover

George IV 1820-30 Hanover

William IV 1830-37 Hanover

Victoria 1837-1901 Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Edward VII 1901-10 Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

George V 1910-36 Windsor

Edward VIII 1936 Windsor

George VI 1936-52 Windsor

Elizabeth II 1952- Windsor

Spouses of English Royals:

Henry II Eleanor of Aquitaine (mother of Richard the Lionhearted and King John)

Henry VIII* Catherine of Aragon (mother of Mary I)

Anne Boleyn (mother of Elizabeth I)

Jane Seymour (mother of Edward VI)

Anne of Cleves

Katherine Howard

Katherine Parr

*Memory tool- Henry VIII wives'-Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived

Victoria Prince Albert (father of Edward VII)

George VI Mary, a.k.a. “Queen Mum”

Edward VIII Wallis Simpson (whom he abdicated for)

Elizabeth II Prince Philip (Mountbatten)

Heirs to the British Thrown:
Charles, Prince of Wales (would be Charles III)
William, Duke of Cambridge (would be William V)
George, Prince of Cambridge (would be George VII)
Charlotte, Princess of Cambridge
Prince Louis of Cambridge
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Beatrice, Princess of York
Eugeni, Princess of York
Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex

Scottish Royalty:


Malcolm II 1005-34

Duncan 1513

James V 1513-42

Mary, Queen of Scots 1542-67

James VI (James I of England) 1567-1625

Charles I (also of England) 1625-49

Charles II (also of England) 1660-85

James VII (James II of England) 1685-88

William II (William III of England) 1688-1702

Anne (also of England) 1702-14

French Royalty:


Charles Martel 714-741 Carolingian

Pepin III (the Short) 751-768 Carolingian

Charlemagne 768-814 Carolingian

Hugh Capet 987-996 Capetian

Louis IX (St. Louis) 1226-70 Capetian

Charles V (the Wise) 1364-80 Valois

Louis XIII 1610-43 Bourbon

Louis XIV 1643-1715 Bourbon

Louis XV 1715-74 Bourbon

Louis XVI 1774-93 Bourbon

Napoleon I 1804-14 Bonaparte

Louis XVIII 1814-24 Bourbon

Charles X 1824-30 Bourbon

Louis-Philippe 1830-48 Bonaparte

Louis Napoleon 1848-51 Bonaparte

Napoleon III 1852-70 Bonaparte

Facts about Royalty:

British monarch who died in 1910 Edward VII

Mother to Elizabeth I Anne Boleyn

Chakkri family rules here Thailand

He abdicated the British throne in 1936 Edward VIII

The last emperor (tsar) of Russia Nicholas II

The name of five Hawaiian kings Kamehameha

Last Hawaiian queen Liliuokalani

Country with ten kings named Christian Denmark

He preceded King David of Israel King Saul

He was the first Stuart king of England James I

He was the last York king Richard III

Louisiana was named after him Louis XIV

The Merry Monarch Charles II

He was king of Thebes Oedipus

She was the last of the Ptolemy dynasty Cleopatra (VII)

King of Egypt when the Suez Canal opened King Farouk

“Good” king of Bohemia King Wenceslaus

Youngest daughter Nicholas II and Alexandra Anastasia

King that “lost” the American colonies George III

Prince Andrew’s younger brother Prince Edward

Constantine VIII’s empire, c. 1042 Byzantine

Country of Yi dynasty, 1392-1910 Korea

Magyar prince of Hungary, c. 997 St. Stephen

The House of Orange rules here Netherlands

Olav I ruled here Norway

Henry VIII's advisor Thomas Cromwell

State of Georgia is named for him George II

Richard the Lionhearted and King John’s mother Eleanor of Aquitaine

Captain Mark Phillips was married to her Princess Anne

Longest ruling Danish monarch Christian IV

Catherine of Aragon’s mother Isabella (of Aragon)

Marie Antoinette’s mother Maria Teresa

To quote her, “We are not amused” Queen Victoria

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up this king James I

A Grand Duke rules here Luxembourg

Malcolm Candor killed this king in 1057 Macbeth

Carl XVI Gustav rules here Sweden

She is divorced from Lord Snowden Princess Margaret

Wilhelmina was her mother and Beatrix is her daughter Juliana

Carol II was king here Romania

The last British emperor of India George VI

Caroline and Stephanie’s younger brother Prince Albert

King of the Franks, 500 A.D. Clovis I

This prince consort died of typhoid in 1861 Prince Albert

The Black Prince Prince Edward

Longest ruling French king Louis XIV

Last English monarch to enter the House of Commons Charles I

Longest ruling English monarch Victoria

Irish king who defeated the Danish, 1014 Brian Baramha

Uncrowned Queen of England Lady Jane Grey

Mary, Queen of Scot’s son James I of England

Byzantine emperor, 527-564 Justinian I

Prussian king, 1740-82 Frederick II (the Great)

Germany’s last kaiser Wilhelm II

Henry Brolingbrook a.k.a. Henry IV

Mad king who built Neuschwanstein Castle Ludwig II

He is married to Princess Sophia of Greece King Juan Carlos

Scottish king killed by his own people Charles I

Age begun in England, 1901, ending Victorian Age Edwardian Age

Holy Roman Empire founder Otto I

Regina, Saskatchewan is named for her Queen Victoria

French king who was canonized Louis IX (St. Louis

Virginia was named for her Elizabeth I (Virgin Queen)

King Manuel I was from this country Portugal

King Alfonzo XIII was from this country Spain

Umberto I was from this country Italy

Country of Pedro I and Pedro II Brazil

He was Europe’s longest-reigning monarch when he died in 1993 Baudouin I (of Belgium)

England’s longest-reigning dynasty Plantagenet

The last Stuart queen (made a patent for the typewriter, 1714) Queen Anne

“The Young Chevalier” Charles Edward Stuart

“Country Girl” who became princess of Monaco Princess Grace (Kelly)

English king who won the Battle of Crecy, 1346 Edward III

King Zod’s country Albania

“The Crusader Queen” Eleanor of Aquitaine

“The Citizen King” Louis Phillipe

She built the Hermitage Catherine the Great

King beheaded by is own people, 1793 Louis XVI

First king of a united Italy, 1861 Victor Emanuel

Last French king, 1870 Napoleon III

The Duchess of Windsor Wallace Simpson

Nickname of French King Louis VI Louis the Fat

English king made a saint in 1161 Edward the Confessor

The Jacobites supported him Bonnie Prince Charlie

Florence ruling family Medici

Milan ruling family Sforza

Robert I ruling house Bruce

Austro-Hungarian ruling family Habsburg

Prussian ruling family Hohenzollern

Queen Beatrix ruling family Orange

Queen Elizabeth II ruling family Windsor

Portuguese ruling family Braganza

King Juan Carlos ruling family Bourbon

Monaco ruling family Grimaldi

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