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Light Horse Harry LeeWhat Revolutionary War figure was the father of Civil War general Robert E. Lee?
Nathan HaleWhat American soldier and spy was caught by the British and executed in September of 1776?
MARQUIS de LAFAYETTEWhat French marquis aided George Washington in the Revolutionary War?
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Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War

Patriotic group established in 1765 Sons of Liberty

Street clash on March 5, 1770 Boston Massacre

Lawyer who defended British soldiers of Boston Massacre John Adams

December 17, 1773 raid Boston Tea Party

Patriot who captured Fort Ticonderoga Ethan Allen

Organization of patriots founded by Ethan Allen The Green Mountain Boys

Battle of Monmouth heroine Molly Pitcher

Revolution Common Sense author Thomas Paine

“The Scribe of the Revolution” Thomas Jefferson

Prussian advisor to George Washington Baron von Steuben

Polish general who helped Colonists Count Pulaski

Pole who aided in the Battle of Saratoga Thaddeus Kosciusko

French aide to George Washington Marquis de Lafayette

Colonial officer, father of Robert E. Lee Henry (Light Horse) Harry Lee

Federalist Papers (85 essays) author Alexander Hamilton

Patriot spy caught and hanged Nathan Hale

Colonial ambassador to France Benjamin Franklin

Colonists who favored the British Tories

General who defected to the British Benedict Arnold

Major who defected to the British Major John Andre

Virginia lawyer and war advocate Patrick Henry

Sea captain who took the war to Britain John Paul Jones

South Carolina “Swamp Fox” Francis Marion

British-German mercenaries Hessians

George Washington’s command Continental Army

First battle of the war Battle of Lexington

Second battle of the war Battle of Concord

Battle near Boston, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill (fought on Breed’s Hill)

Battle leading to the fall of Philadelphia Brandywine

General who captured Montreal in 1777 Richard Montgomery

“Mad” Colonial general Anthony Wayne

Colonial victory that brought French into the war Saratoga

British general who surrendered at Saratoga, 1777 John Burgoyne

General who defeated Burgoyne Horatio Gates

Battle that decided the war Battle of Yorktown, VA

General who surrendered to Washington at Yorktown Charles Cornwallis

Treaty ending the war Treaty of Paris