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Buddhism: 488 million believers (estimated)

The Enlightened One Buddha (Prince Siddhartha Gautama)

Head of Tibetan Buddhists (14th) Dalai Lama

State of peaceful blessedness Nirvana

Buddha’s teachings, universal truth Dharma

Branches of Buddhism Theravada, Mahayana and Gautama

Tantric form of Buddhism Mantra

Ancient Cambodian temple Angkor Wat

Christianity: 2.2 billion believers (estimated)

Main divisions:

Roman Catholic: 1.16 billion believers

Protestant: 700 million believers (approximately)

Eastern Orthodox: 230 million believers

Largest American protestant denomination Baptists

Standard Latin Bible Vulgate

First mass-produced Bible Gutenberg Bible

English translation, 1706 King James Bible

“Isa Ibn Mary am” Jesus

Holiday forty days before Easter Ash Wednesday

Christmas story Passion Play

Quakers founder George Fox

Methodism founder John Wesley

Shakers founder Mother Ann Lee

Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy

Amish founder Jacob Amman

Jehovah’s Witnesses founder Charles Taze Russell

Founder of the Mormon Church Joseph Smith

Mormon leader after Smith Brigham Young (had 22 wives, 57 children)

Mormon prophet Moroni

Mormon city in Illinois Nauvoo

Protestant Reformation founder Martin Luther

Number of Luther’s theses 95

Swiss-French reformist John Calvin

Movement associated with speaking in tongues Pentecostal

John Calvin’s followers Presbyterians

Scottish reformist John Knox

Largest protestant sect (60 million)

French Protestants Huguenots

Betsy Ross’ religion Quaker

Mennonite group from Pennsylvania Amish

Preachers who traveled the old west Circuit riders (mostly Methodist)

Catholicism facts:

Molokai priest Father Damian (died of leprosy)

Archbishop of Cyprus Archbishop Makarios

Apostle of California Junipero Serra

Archbishop of New York, 1939 Archbishop Spellman

Last anti-pope Felix V

Papal residence Castel Gandolfo

Vatican guard Swiss Guard

Home for nuns Convent

Site where the Virgin Mary was seen in 1917 Fatima, Portugal

Site where the Virgin Mary was seen in 1531 Guadeloupe, Mexico

1378 split of the Catholic Church The Great Schism

Friars with pointed hoods Capuchin

First pope Peter

Recent Popes:

1922-39 Pius XI

1939-58 Pius XII

1958-63 John XXIII

1963-78 Paul VI

1978 John-Paul I (“The Smiling Pope”)

1978-2001 John-Paul II

2001-2013 Benedict XVI

2013- Francis (266th successor to Peter)

Catholic Saints of:

Finland St. Henry

France St. Denis

Germany St. Boniface

Hungary St. Stephen

Ireland St. Patrick

Italy St. Francis of Assisi

Mexico Our Lady of Guadalupe

Norway St. Olaf

Poland St. Stanislaus

England St. George

Scotland St. Andrew

Spain St. James

Sweden St. Catherine

Wales St. David

Rome St. Peter

Lima St. Rose (first New World saint)

Venice St. Mark

Travelers St. Christopher

Animals St. Francis

Lovers St Valentine

Mountain climbers St. Bernard

Lost causes St. Jude

Fishermen St. Andrew

The poor St. Anthony of Padua

Carpenters St. Joseph

Boy Scouts St. George

Students St. Thomas Aquinas

Accountants St. Matthew

The Lady of Lourdes St. Bernadette

The Bishop of Hippo St. Augustine

6th century Irish nun St. Bridgette

Founder of the Jesuits St Ignatius of Loyola

Friar’s founder who received Jesus’ wounds St. Francis of Assisi

Cyrillic alphabet founder St. Cyril

Saint beheaded in London, 1535 St. Thomas More

Female saint who followed St. Francis St. Clair (The Poor Clairs)

First U.S. citizen made a saint Mother Cabrini

First American-born saint Mother Seton

Confucianism: 6.3 million believers

Founder Confucius

Principal country China

Hare Krishna:

Spiritual leader Swami

Principal country India

Hinduism: The Eternal Law; 1.1 billion believers

Trimurti of Gods Brahma (The Preserver)

Shiva (The Destroyer)

Vishnu (The Creator)

Avatar of Vishnu Krishna

Hindu text Vedas (“knowledge”)

Hindu universal spirit Brahman

Sacred rivers Ganges and five others

Two letter chant “Om”

Great epic Rada

Ancient scriptures: Badas

Islam: 1.6 billion believers

Founder Mohammed (570-632 A.D.)

Mohammed's daughter Fatima

Major sects Sunni (largest), Shiite

Holy book Koran

Highest office Caliphate

Leader of a local Shiite Muslim community Imam

High ranking Shiitle leader Ayatollah

House of worship Mosque

Prayer tower Minaret

Holy cities Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem

Holy pilgrimage to Mecca Hajj

Number of pillars of Islam Five

Holy house in Mecca Kabaa

Kabaa center piece Black Stone

Month of fasting Ramadan

Holy war Jihad

Religous ruling by an Isalmic scholar Fatwa

Movement founded by Wali Fard, 1934 Nation of Islam

Jainism: 4.2 million believers

Principal country India

Judaism: 14 million believers

Founder Abraham

Holy city Jerusalem

Feast of Lights or Dedication Hanukkah

New Year; Day of Judgment Rosh Hashanah

Day of Atonement Yom Kippur

Passover feast Seder

Jewish mourners prayer Caddish

Coming of age rite Bar Mitzvah (male); Bat Mitzvah (female)

Wedding rite Breaking of the glass

Mountain fortress Masada

Jewish population outside Israel Diaspora

Candelabra Menorah

Door post Mezuzah

Skull cap Yarmulke

Rastafarianism: 1 million believers

Principal country Jamaica

Shintoism: 4 million believers

Principal country Japan

Sikhism: 23 million belivers

Founders Kabir and Nanak

Principal country India


Founder Lao-Tse (c. 400 B.C.)

Chief God Jade Emperor

Unification Church:

Founder Sun Myung Moon

Principal countries South Korea and USA


Principal country Haiti

Zoroastrianism: 250,000 believers

Founder Zoroaster (c. 600 B.C.)

Principal countries India and Iran