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What is the oldest known living tree?
EucaliptusWhat tree supplies the diet for Australia's Koala?
What vegetable is used in making gumbo?
What is the most massive living thing in the world?
What fleshy fruit is know as a symbol of fertility?
What red stalky vegetable is used in making pies?
What is Chinese parsley also know as?
What is the carrabola better known as?
Along with rhubarb, what other stalk vegatable is a perennial?
What is the main ingredeant in hummus?
Who traveled throughout the Ohio Valley in the 18th century planting apple trees?

Identify the following


Plant Kingdom

Plants and Trees

Oldest living tree Bristle Cone Pine (5,100 years)

World’s tallest tree California Redwood

World’s most massive tree Giant Sequoia

Largest hickory tree Pecan tree

Tree with many supporting roots and trunks Banyan tree

Banyan tree fruit Fig

Black and English type tree Walnut

“Bald” Everglades tree Cypress

Tree turpentine comes from Pine

Bowling pin wood Maple

Baseball bat wood Ash

“Quaking” tree Aspen

Tree on Lebanon’s flag Cedar

Blue gum tree Eucalyptus

Canoe wood Birch

Silk cotton tree Kapok

Florida tree with stilt-like roots Mangrove

Kon Tiki raft material Balsa

Tree that the Bounty sought Breadfruit tree

An oak’s main root Tap root

Largest single family of succulents Cacti (Cactus)

Cactus fruit Prickly pear

Tallest cactus Saguaro

Hawaiian root crop Taro

Violet or blue dye plant Indigo

Red dye plant Henna

Linseed oil is from this plant Flax

Long moss of American south Spanish moss

Rope fiber plant Hemp

Vine that grows 4 inches per day Kudzu

Fastest growing grass Bamboo

Russian thistle Tumbleweed

“Stinging” plant Stinging nettles

Algae and fungus living as a single unit Lichen

Digitalis source Foxglove

Rye and wheat hybrid Triticale

Leaf openings Stomata

Evaporation of water from leaves Transpiration

Non-flowering plant Gymnosperm

Flowering plant Angiosperm

Plant that lives for one year Annual

Plant that lives for two years Biennial

Plant that lives for many years Perennial

A plant’s male organ Stamen

Pollen producer at the end of the stamen Anther

A plant’s female organ Pistil

Trees that do not shed leaves Coniferous

Tree that sheds its leaves annually Deciduous

Term for how deciduous trees lose their leaves Abscission

A plant’s fertilized ovule Seed

Plant that tolerates salt Halophyte


Cymbidium, the flower of Thailand Orchid

Japanese flower Chrysanthemum

King Alfred Narcissus type Daffodil

Madonna type Lily

Common name for the yellow daisy Black-eyed Susan

Common name for Helianthus Sunflower

Purple flower of Scotland Heather

Man in the Moon or Cape type Marigold

Sword lily type Gladiola

Traditional Mother’s Day flower Carnation

Sacred flower of Buddhism Lotus

Flower used in codeine and morphine Poppy

“Shasta” flower Daisy

Tall flower grown for seeds Sunflower

Vanilla-flavoring flower Orchid

Crocus and gladiola family Iris

Carnation family Pink

Rochester New York festival Lilac Festival

Fruits and Vegetables:

Star fruit Carrabolla

Morello, marasca, maraschino Cherries

Winesap, Baldwin and Northern Spy Apples

Chutney relish fruit, “the peach of the tropics” Mango

Seedless grape Thompson’s

Cooking banana Plantain

Damson or greengage fruit Plum

Fruit used in peach Melba sauce Raspberry

Bigarade fruit Orange

Adriatic fruit Fig

Tiny Chinese orange Kumquat

“Fuzzy” New Zealand fruit Kiwi

Tropical fruit from which papain is obtained Papaya

Tropical fruit with five-pound seeds Mango

Tropical pumpkin-shaped melon Casaba

Pomelo relative Grapefruit

Raspberry and blackberry hybrid Loganberry

Tangerine and grapefruit hybrid Tangelo

Alligator pear Avocado

Lisbon fruit Lemon

Clingstone and freestone fruit Peach

Small golden fruit Apricot

Yellow pear shaped fruit Guava

Fertility symbol Pomegranate

Fruit named for Moroccan city Tangerine

Fruit measured in hands Banana

Greening fruit Apple

Rose family fruit Quince

Linzer tort fruit Raspberry

Jelly grape Concord

French “la prune” Plum

French “la raison” Grape

French currant Raisin

Chick peas a.k.a. Garbanzo beans

Hubbard’s’ butternut or acorn vegetable Squash

Chinese cabbage Bok Choy

Chinese fruit related to longan Litchi nut

“A la Florentine” vegetable Spinach

Iceberg or chrisphead vegetable Lettuce

Yukon gold vegetable Potato

Heading vegetable Broccoli

Savoy or collard vegetable Cabbage

Pascal vegetable Celery

Lens shaped vegetable, highest in protein Lentil

Yellow turnip Rutabaga

European aborigine Eggplant

Red-stalked vegetable Rhubarb

Vichyssoise vegetables Leeks and potatoes

Gumbo vegetable Okra

Jerusalem vegetable Artichoke

White carrot Parsnip

Chicken Divan vegetable Broccoli

Mexican potato Jicama

Miniature cabbage from Belgium Brussels sprouts

Chicory vegetable Radish

Kentucky hybrid lettuce pioneer John Bibb

Botanist who developed the spineless cactus Luther Burbank

Man who developed dozens of uses for peanuts George Washington Carver

Man who planted apple trees throughout Ohio Valley Johnny Appleseed

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