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John MuirWhat Scottish-American naturalist co-founded the Sierra Club?


Who founded the Girl Scouts of America?
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19th Century English Society Fabian Society

League of Women Voters founder Carrie Chapman Catt

Boy Scouts founder Lord Baden-Powell

Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low

Salvation Army founder William Booth

Sierra Club founder John Muir

March of Dimes founder Franklin Roosevelt

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger

Hull House founder Jane Addams

John Birch Society founder Robert Welch

National Organization for Women founder Betty Friedan

Red Cross founder Clara Barton

International Red Cross founder Henry Dunant

Special Olympics founder Eunice Shriver

First Peace Corps director Sargent Shriver

Defense organization founded April 4, 1949 NATO

Location of NATO headquarters Brussels, Belgium

Organization founded in Bogota in 1948 OAS

Organization founded by 33 scientists in 1888 National Geographic Society

Famine relief fund raiser Live Aid

“Rainbow Warriors” organization Greenpeace

Organization founded to aid political prisoners 1961 Amnesty International

Animal protection group ASPCA

Group that teaches employment skills to youth Job Corps

Organization that teaches economics to youth Junior Achievement

National youth service created in 1993 Americorps

Charitable home building association Habitat for Humanity

“We do by learning” organization 4H

Civil rights organization founded in 1909 NAACP

Organization founded by Carolyn Scott Harrison DAR

Organization founded by Candy Lightner MADD

United Nation’s children’s aid organization UNICEF

Location of Interpol headquarters Paris

Cartel founded in Baghdad in 1960 OPEC

Latin American economic cooperation group OAS

European org. estab. to promote trade 1957 EEC

George Bernard Shaw’s socialist society Fabian Society

America’s largest veteran’s organization American Legion

Organization established for overseas veterans VFW

Organization founded by Franklyn Roosevelt March of Dimes

League founded in 1910 to help blacks migrate Urban League

Organization trying to unite Africa Pan-Africa

Largest teachers union American Federation of Teachers

19th century female union leader Mother Jones

American Railway Union founder, 1893 Eugene Debs

United Mine Workers leader (1920-60) John L. Lewis

United Farm workers founder Caesar Chavez

Detroit-based union United Auto Workers

UAW president Walter Ruether

Akron-based union United Rubber Workers

Teamsters leader, 1957-71 Jimmy Riddle Hoffa

Teamsters current president Jim Hoffa

AFL founder Samuel Gompers

AFL-CIO leader, 1955-79 George Meany

AFL-CIO leader following Meany Joseph Lane Kirkland

Railroad car manufacturer’s strike, 1894 Pullman Strike

Union that had a major strike in 1959 Steelworkers

U.S. Department of Labor safety agency OSHA

Org. of World’s Leading Industrial Nations G-8

Group of finance ministers and bank governors from 20 economies..........G20

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