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Newspapers & Magazines  

Major Cities and Their Newspapers:

Arlington USA Today

Atlanta Constitution

Baltimore Sun

Boston Globe


Christian Science Monitor

Chicago Tribune (Illinois’ largest)

Sun Times

Cincinnati Inquirer

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Columbus Dispatch

Dallas Morning News

Denver Post

Rocky Mountain News

Des Moines Register

Detroit Free Press

Hartford Courant

Houston Chronicle

Indianapolis Star

Kansas City Star

London Times

Daily Telegraph

Los Angeles Times (largest Sunday circulation)

Daily News

Manchester Guardian

Miami Herald

Minneapolis Star Tribune

New Orleans Times-Picayune

New York Post


Daily News

Village Voice

Wall Street Journal

Amsterdam News


Oakland Tribune

Paris La Monde

Philadelphia Inquirer

Portland Oregonian

Sacramento Bee

San Francisco Examiner


St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Seattle Times

Toronto Star (Canada’s largest)

Washington Post

Other Facts:

USA newspaper with largest circulation The Wall Street Journal

USA newspaper with second largest circulation USA Today

USA newspaper with third largest circulation New York Times

World's largest English language newspaper The Times of India

Daily Mirror founder William Randolph Hearst

Christian Science Monitor founder Mary Baker Eddy

New York Tribune founder Horace Greeley

Katherine Graham’s newspaper Washington Post

New Jersey’s oldest newspaper Elizabethan Daily Journal

“The Nation’s Newspaper” USA Today

Established in 1877 as voice of Democratic Party Washington Post

Phoenix’s Native American newspaper Cherokee

Daily newspaper for military personnel Stars and Stripes

It’s “All the business news you need” The Wall Street Journal

It’s “All the news that’s fit to print” New York Times (The Gray Lady)

“Dewey defeats Truman” newspaper Chicago Tribune

Newspaper that broke Watergate story Washington Post

Hollywood’s newspaper Variety

Dave Barry works for this newspaper Miami Herald

World’s largest news service Associated Press

“The Magazine for Women Over Forty” Lear

“Magazine From Our Nation’s Attic” Smithsonian

Magazine for the Library of Congress Civilization

Jann Wenner’s magazine Rolling Stone

Hot 100 music magazine Billboard

Magazine with “Dubious Achievement Award” Esquire

Popular magazine from 1937-71 Look

AARP’s magazine (highest U.S. circulation) Modern Maturity

Magazine with column “Final Analysis” Physiology

Magazine for “free minds and free markets” Reason

Magazine for black women Essence

Women’s magazine formerly called Queen McCall’s

Women’s magazine that debuted in 1884 Ladies Home Journal

America's first fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar

Andy Warhol founded this magazine Interview

Consumer’s Uniontest rating magazine Consumer Reports

John F. Kennedy, Jr. founded this magazine George

Magazine that contains the “Index” Harpers

Dewitt and Lila Wallace founded this magazine Reader’s Digest

The Luces started this magazine Life

Harvard’s humor magazine Harvard Lampoon

American Heart Association magazine Hypertension

Boy Scout’s magazine Boy’s Life

Vanity Fair and Vogue publisher Conde Nast

The first editor of Cosmopolitan Helen Gurley Brown

National Review founder William F. Buckley

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner

“Talk of the Town” writer for New Yorker E. B. White

New Yorker columnist, 1931 Dorothy Parker

New Yorker staff photographer, 1992 Richard Avedon

She founded Ms. magazine Gloria Steinem

Muscle and Fitness founder Joe Weider

TV Guide and Seventeen founder Walter Annenberg

He bought the Washington Post in 1976 Rupert Murdoch

Public Citizen founder Ralph Nader

Former British humor magazine Punch

Hamburg German language magazine Der Spiegal

Paris French language magazine Paris Match

Where the crossword puzzle debuted, 1913 New York World

Almanac founded by Ben Franklin Poor Richard's Almanac

Poor Richard’s last name Saunders

First person on the cover of Rolling Stone John Lennon

First person on the cover of TV Guide Little Rickie (Ricardo)

First person on the cover of People Mia Farrow

First person on the cover of George Cindy Crawford

Cover with a pregnant and nude Demi Moore Vanity Fair

Person most often on the cover of People Diana (Spencer)

Person most often on the cover of Time Richard Nixon

Woman most often on the cover of Time The Virgin Mary

Comic Strips and Creator:

Dennis the Menace Hank Ketcham

Beetle Bailey Mort Walker

Doonesbury G.B (Garry) Trudeau

The Far Side Gary Larson

Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterman

Dilbert Scott Adams

Garfield Jim Davis

Peanuts Charles Schultz

Pogo Walt Kelly

Shoe Jeff MacNeally

Dick Tracy Chester Gould

L’il Abner Al Capp

The Family Circus Bill Keane

Cathy Cathy Guisewite

Steve Canyon Milton Caniff

Creator of the “comics contraptions” Rube Goldberg

Pop artist who used “comics” style" Roy Liechtenstein

U.S. longest continuous running comic strip The Katzenjammer Kids

Republican elephant and Democratic donkey Thomas Nast


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