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PenelopeKnown for her patience, what was the name of Odysseus' wife?
AnubisWho was the Egyptian jackle god of the dead?
River StyxWhat is the primary river of Hades?
ValkeriesWho are the female figures who bring slain Norse warriors to Valhalla?
MedeaWhat sorceress aided Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece?
PROMETHIUSWhat titan stole fire from Hades, only to have his liver eaten everyday as punishment?
BacchusWho is the Roman god of wine, agriculture and fertility?
CERBERUSWhat is the name of the 3-headed dog that guards the gates to Hades?
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Greek Mythology:

Chief of the godsZeus

Zeus’ wifeHera

Zeus’ fatherCronus

Zeus’ motherRhea

Cronus’ father, god of the sky Uranus

Uranus’ wife, goddess of the EarthGaea

Zeus’ brother, god of the underworldHades

Zeus’ brother, god of the seaPoseidon

Zeus’ son, god of music, poetry and games Apollo

Zeus’ mortal son, who performed twelve laborsHercules

God of loveEros

God of warAries

God of fireHephaestus

God of the sunHelios

Goddess of beauty and loveAphrodite

Goddess of wisdomAthena (Athena Pallas)

Goddess of the hunt and Apollo’s twinArtemis

Goddess of fertilityPersephone

God of shepherds and their flocksPan

Goddess of agriculture Demeter

Goddess of the huntArtemis

Goddess of wine and fertilityDionysus

Goddess of the moonSelena

Goddess of victory Nike

Messenger of the godsHermes

God of the west windZephyr

God of dreamsMorpheus

Sons of Heaven and EarthGigantes

Home of the godsMt. Olympus

Food of the godsAmbrosia

Greek warrior with vulnerable heelAchilles

Trojan warrior killed by Achilles Hector

The “second bravest” Greek warrior who committed suicideAjax

Wisest Greek in Trojan WarNestor

Trojan prince who fled to Rome after the Trojan WarAeneas

Man who kidnapped HelenParis

Helen’s husband Menelaus

Paris’ father, king of TroyPriam

Wife of PriamHecuba

Man who wandered for ten years after Trojan War

Odysseus (Roman name-Ulysses)

Odysseus’ wifePenelope

Odysseus’ son Telemachus

Greek leader in the Trojan WarAgamemnon

Agamemnon’s wife, who killed himClytemnestra

Agamemnon’s son, who avenged his deathOrestes

Agamemnon’s daughterElectra

Name of Cyclops who held Odysseus prisonerPolyphemus

Enchantress who turned Odysseus’ men into swineCirce

Nymph who held Odysseus prisoner for seven yearsCalypso

Monster and whirlpool who threatened Odysseus’ shipScylla and Charybdis

Goddesses whose song lured men to their deathsSirens

Builder of the labyrinthDaedalus

Daedalus’ son, who flew too close to the sunIcarus

Daedalus built the labyrinth for this king of CreteMinos

Beast kept in the labyrinth Minotaur

King of Athens who slew the MinotaurTheseus

She helped Theseus through the labyrinthAriadne

Female warriors who cut off one breastAmazons

Theseus married this queen of the AmazonsHippolyta

Man who sought the Golden Fleece.Jason

Jason’s shipArgo

Jason’s crewArgonauts

Sorceress who helped JasonMedea

He drowned swimming the HellespontLeander

Leander was swimming to meet this loverHero

River of HadesStyx

Ferryman on the River StyxCharon

She was abducted into the underworldPersephone

The first woman, Hephaestus molded her from clayPandora

The only thing left in Pandora’s boxHope

Zeus had her turnied into a heiferIo

Goddess who is the personification of the soulPsyche

He sculpted GalateaPygmalion

She was turned into a laurel treeDaphne

King of Thebes who solved the riddle of the SphinxOedipus

Oedipus’ mother and loverJocasta

Daughter of Oedipus and JocastaAntigone

He slew MedusaPerseus

Perseus saved her from the TitanAndromeda

Youth who fell in love with his own reflectionNarcissus

She loved NarcissusEcho

Hunter slain by ArtemisOrion

King with the golden touchMidas

Pyramus’ loverThisbe

She beat Athena in a weaving contestArachne

Nymphs who guarded the golden apple Hesperides

She stopped to pick up the golden appleAtalanta

He mastered the lyre given to him by his father ApolloOrpheus

Orpheus’ wife; he lost her when he looked back to see herEuridice

He had to roll a stone up a hill foreverSisyphus

She had the gift of prophesy, but no one believed herCassandra

Titan who stole fire from heavenPrometheus

Titan who holds up the skyAtlas

The daughters of AtlasPleiades (The Seven Sisters)

Goddesses who controlled human destinyFates

Goddess of the rainbow Iris

God of the flockPan

The daughters of Zeus, goddesses of charm and beautyGraces

Three sisters who had snakes for hairGorgons

Gorgon that Perseus slewMedusa

Avenging spirits Furies

The children of Uranus and GaeaTitans

The daughters of Zeus, goddesses of arts and learning Muses

Muse of love poetryErato

Muse of epic poetryCalliope

Muse of astronomyUrania

Muse of song and danceTerpsichore

Muse of historyClio

Muse of musicEuterpe

Half eagle, half lionGriffin

Half man, half lion, mythical riddlerSphinx

Half man, half bullMinotaur

Half man, half goat who chased nymphsSatyr

Half man, half horseCentaur

Half woman, half birdHarpy

Part lion, part dragon and part goatChimera

Flying horse who sprung for Medusa’s head Pegasus

Three-headed dog that guarded Hades Cerberus

One hundred-eyed giant Argus

Nine-headed monster slain by HerculesHydra

Roman Mythology:

Chief godJupiter

Queen of the godsJuno

God of the sun, music, and poetryApollo

Goddess of the moon and the huntDiana

God of warMars

God of the hearthVesta

Goddess of love and beauty Venus

God of the underworldPluto

God of the seaNeptune

God of loveCupid

God of fireVulcan

God of the harvestSaturn

God of wine and fertilityBacchus

God of agricultureCeres

Goddess of wisdomMinerva

Goddess of loveAmor

Goddess of the moonLuna

Messenger of the godsMercury

Founders of RomeRomulus and Remus

Norse Mythology:

Father of the godsOdin (Woton)

Odin’s wife, queen of the godsFrigg

Son of Odin and Frigg, god of beautyBalder

God of thunder or the skyThor

Mischievous godLoki

Home of the godsAsgard

Norse dragonFafnir

Bifrost bridgeRainbow

A hall in Asgard where dead heroes goValhalla

Female spirits who bring dead warriors to ValhallaValkyries

Egyptian Mythology:

Chief god who cheated deathOsiris

Osiris’ wife, queen of the godsIsis

Osiris and Isis’ sonHorace (or Seth)

Sun godRa (or Re)

Jackal god of the dead, Osirus' sonAnubis

Divine animalCat

Other Facts:

Lustful Babylonian godIshtar

Biblical idol godBaal

Chief Aztec godQuetzalcoatl

Polynesian god who created HawaiiMaui

Polynesian volcano godPelee

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