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Latin Phrases

Always faithful Semper Fidelis (Marine motto)

Always ready Semper Paratus (Coast Guard motto)

Thus ever to tyrants Sic semper tyrannis (Virginia motto)

Faster, higher, stronger Citius, altius, fortius (Olympic motto)

Something for something Quid pro quo

Time flies Tempus fugit

Method of operation Modus operandi

A god out of a machine Deus ex machina

Lamb of God Agnus dei

Nurturing mother Alma mater

Wise man Homo Sapien

Seize the day Carpe diem

Seize the night Carpe noctem

I think, therefore I am Cogito ergo sum

No contest Nolo contendere

Friend of the court Amicus curiae

Court order Habeas corpus

Not of sound mind Non compos mentis

Under penalty Subpoena

It does not follow Non sequitur

In wine, truth In vino, veritas

From many, one E pluribus unum

Entirely En toto

End justifies the means Exitus acta porbat

Go on without limit Ad infinitum

In glass In vitero

In the womb In Utero

Good faith Bona fide

As such Per se

Buyer beware Caveat emptor

Not present In absentia

On the first face Prima facie

For example Exempli gratia (e.g.)

That is Id est (i.e.)

In matter of In re

By the fact Ipso facto

From the fact De facto

After the fact Ex post facto

For all Omnibus

For the moment Ex tempore

Oh, the time, oh, the morals O tempora, O mores

Roman peace Pax Romana

And you, Brutus Et tu Brute

Under the voice Sotto voce

Slip of the tongue Lapsus linguea

Someone not welcome Persona non grata

Without a fee Pro bono

For this purpose Ad hoc

Before the war Antebellum

With great praise Magna cum laude

In good faith Bona fide

Behold the man Ecce homo

Solid Earth Terra firma

Unknown territory Terra incognita

In the middle level Mezzanine

In the middle age Mesozoic

Racecourse Curriculum

Make alike Facsimile

Almost an island Peninsula

Elsewhere Alibi

Solemnity Gravitas

Up the ladder Escalator

Sound Sonata

Listen Audi

Sweet song Dulcimer

Servant Valet

To speak alone Soliloquy

Handwritten Manuscript

Little hand Manacle

Leaf Folio

Little worm Vermillion

Bear Orson

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