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World’s Most Widely Spoken Languages:

1. Mandarin Chinese
2. English
3. Hindustani
4. Spanich
5. Arabic
6. Malay
2. Russian
3. Bengali
4. Portuguese
5. French

Other Facts:

Bangladesh language Bengali

Pakistani language Urdu

Sri Lanka language Singhalese

Classic Hindu language Sanskrit

Artificial language Esperanto

Hong Kong Chinese Cantonese

North China language Mandarin

Philippines language Tagalog

Old Testament language Hebrew

Language of Jesus Christ Aramaic

Northern Belgian language Flemish

Northeast Spain dialect Catalan

Non-romantic language of northern Spain Basque

Hungarian language Magyar

Persian or Iranian Farsi

Sundanese is spoken here Indonesia

“Vulgar” Latin Sardinian

Boer language Afrikaans

“High and low” language German

Wu language is spoken here China

French derivative spoken in Haiti Creole

Language of ancient Canaan Hebrew

Most widely spoken language in Africa Swahili

North African nomadic language Berber

Swahili is from this group Bantu

Telugu is spoken here India

Magna Carta and Book of Kells language Latin

Family of Welsh, Irish, and Gaelic Celtic

Scottish language Gaelic

Irish Celt language Erse

Inca language Quechua

Language of the Koran Arabic

Family of languages, including Hebrew, Arabic and Maltese Semitic

Canada’s official languages English and French

Kenya’s official languages Swahili and English

International court languages English and French

Six Official Languages of the United Nations English, French, Spanish, (Mandarin) Chinese, Russian, Arabic

Language invented for Star Trek Klingon

Language invented for Avatar Na'vi

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