Who are these people better known as? Rollover image for the answer
Who is writer Thomas Lanier Williams better known as?

Who was the infamous Margaretta Zelle Better known as?

Who is author Samuel Clemens better known as?
Lada GagaWho is Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known as?

What stage name does entertainer Riley E. King use?

What did funny man Jerome Horowitz change his name to?

Who is Annie May Bullock better know as?

Harold Jenjins sang under what name?

Who is entertainer Gorden Sumner better known as?

Yusuf Islam sang under what name?

Fictional Also Known as:

Lamont Cranston The Shadow

Tony Stark Ironman

Peter Parker Spiderman

Dr. David or Bruce Banner The Incredible Hulk

John Reid The Lone Ranger

Brett Reid (John’s Grand-nephew) The Green Hornet

Diana Prince Wonder Woman

Billy Batson Captain Marvel

The Earl of Graystoke Tarzan

Bruce Wayne Batman

Dick Grayson Robin (the Boy Wonder)

Barbara Gordon or Babs Gordon Batgirl, now known as Oracle

Clark Kent Superman

Edward Bear Winnie the Pooh

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