Who was the hero of the Battle of Argonne?



What was the nickname of Germany’s large  WWI howitzer?



What British passenger liner was sunk by a German submarine in May of 1915?

baron richthofen

What German flying ace shot down 80 enemy aircraft?


World War I

  • World War I’s original name before WW IIThe Great War
  • His assassination started the warArchduke Francis Ferdinand
  • City where Francis Ferdinand was assassinatedSarajevo
  • Germany, Austria-Hungary alliance Central Powers
  • Britain, France, and Russia alliance Triple Entente
  • General of U.S. Armies, 1918Gen. John “Blackjack” Pershing
  • French leader Georges Clemenceau
  • German leaderKaiser Wilhelm II
  • German flying aceBaron Manfred von Richtofen (The Red Baron, 80 kills)
  • Maker of Richtofen’s airplane typeFokker
  • American flying aceEddie Rickenbacker
  • Battle that stopped German advance, 1914First Battle of the Marne
  • British passenger liner sank, May, 1915Lusitania
  • British-German naval battle for the North Sea, 1916Battle of Jutland
  • Major French/German battle, 1916Battle of Verdun
  • Start of Allied offensive, 1918Second Battle of the Marne
  • French Marshal at the Battle of the MarneMarshall Ferdinand Foch
  • Hero of the Battle of ArgonneAlvin York
  • Female spy for Germany in FranceMata Hari
  • Mata Hari’s native countryThe Netherlands
  • Ill-fated Turkish landing siteGallipoli
  • Woodrow Wilson’s post-war policyFourteen points
  • Belgian cemeteryFlanders Field
  • German 43-ton Howitzer“Big Bertha”
  • British nurse executed by the GermansDame Edith Cavell
  • Salvation Army workerEvangeline Booth
  • Treaty ending the warTreaty of Versailles

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