What is the world’s largest landlocked country?


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Saint Martin

What is the smallest island in the world that is shared by two countries?


Persian Gulf

What is the name of this strategic body of water?



What is the second tallest mountain in the world?



What sea lies between Australia and New Zealand?


New Guinea

What is the second largest island in the world?


World Geography


  • World’s highest Mt. Everest
  • World’s second-highest K2 (Mt. Godwin-Austen)
  • World’s third-highest Kangchenjunga
  • World’s highest mountain chain Himalayas
  • World’s second highest mountain chain Andes
  • Highest Mountain in

  • Antarctica Vinson Massif
  • Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Asia Mt. Everest
  • Australia Mt. Kosciusko
  • Europe Mt. Blanc
  • North America Mt. McKinley (a.k.a. Denali)
  • South America Mt. Aconcagua
  • Lower 48 states Mt. Whitney, CA
  • East of the Mississippi Mt. Mitchell, NC
  • Colorado Mt. Elbert
  • Hawaii Mauna Kea
  • Oregon Mt. Hood
  • New Hampshire Mt. Washington
  • Tennessee Clingman’s Dome
  • Washington Mt. Rainier
  • Turkey Mt. Ararat
  • Greece Mt. Olympus
  • Israel Mt. Marion
  • Japan Mt. Fuji (Fujiyama)
  • Great Britain Ben Nevis
  • Canada Mt. Logan
  • Mountain Chains

  • Arkansas-Missouri Ozarks
  • California Sierra Nevada
  • Georgia-North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Minnesota Masabi Range
  • Montana-Wyoming Bighorn Mountains
  • New England Presidential Range
  • Northeastern New York Adirondacks (home to Algonquin Peak)
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Poconos
  • Southern New York Catskills
  • South Dakota Black Hills
  • Tennessee-North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains
  • Vermont Green Mountains
  • Washington-Oregon Cascades
  • Wyoming (Grand) Tetons
  • Canada-USA-Mexico Rockies
  • Eastern USA Appalachians
  • South central Europe Alps
  • Eastern Europe Carpathian
  • French-Spanish border Pyrenees
  • New Zealand Southern Alps
  • Northwest Africa Atlas
  • North central Italy Dolomites
  • Central Italy Apennines
  • India-Asia divider Himalayas
  • Europe-Asia divider Urals
  • Southwest Russia Caucasus
  • South America Andes
  • Spain Sierra Nevada
  • Eastern United States Appalachians
  • Famous Mountains

  • Ten Commandments Mt. Sinai
  • Rio de Janeiro Sugarloaf
  • Italian-Swiss border Matterhorn
  • Iwo Jima Mt. Suribachi
  • Atlanta Stone Mountain
  • New Hampshire profile Great Stone Face
  • Volcanoes

  • Tallest volcano in the world Mt. Llullaillaco (S. America)
  • Tallest volcano in USA Mt. Bora (Alaska)
  • Tallest volcano lower 48 states Mt. Rainier
  • Active Alaska volcanoMt. Readout
  • Active Hawaii volcanoKilauea
  • Washington Mt. St. Helens
  • Indonesia Krakatoa
  • Italian mainland Mt. Vesuvius
  • Martinique Mt. Pelee
  • Mexico Paricutin
  • Montserrat Soufriere
  • Philippines Mt. Pinatubo
  • Sicily Mt. Etna (Europe’s highest volcano)
  • Italy, “Lighthouse of the Mediterranian” Mt. Stromboli
  • Antarctica Mt. Erebus
  • Iceland Mt. Hekla

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World Geography


  • North African desert Sahara Desert (world’s largest)
  • Southern African desert Kalahari Desert
  • Southwest African desert Namib
  • Indian/Pakistani desert Thar Desert
  • Australian deserts Victoria & Great Sandy Deserts
  • Chinese/Mongolian desert Gobi Desert
  • Southwest American desert Mojave Desert
  • South American desert Atacama (world’s driest place)
  • Israeli desert Negev
  • Southwest USA/Northern Mexico desert Sonora
  • Highest temperature ever recorded 134 degrees in Death Valley, California, USA

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World Geography


  • World’s largest islands

  • 1 Greenland (administered by Denmark)
  • 2 New Guinea (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea)
  • 3 Borneo (Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei)
  • 4 Madagascar (formerly Malagasy Republic, a French colony)
  • 5 Baffin Island (Canada)
  • 6 Sumatra (Indonesia)
  • 7 Honshu (Japan)
  • 8 Great Britain
  • 9 Victoria Island (Canada)
  • 10 Ellesmere Island (Canada)
  • Caribbean Sea’s Largest Islands (all part of Greater Antilles)

  • 1 Cuba
  • 2 Hispaniola
  • 3 Jamaica
  • 4 Puerto Rico
  • Napoleon’s Islands

  • 1 Corsica (birthplace)
  • 2 Elba (exiled there for 100 days)
  • 3 St. Helena (exiled in the south Atlantic, where he died)
  • French Caribbean Islands

  • 1 Guadeloupe
  • 2 Martinique
  • 3 St. Martin/St. Maarten (owned with The Netherlands)
  • Oceania’s Islands

  • Small islands Micronesia
  • Black islands Melanesia
  • Many islands Polynesia
  • Other Island Facts

  • Caribbean ABC islands Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao
  • Australia’s largest island Tasmania
  • New Zealand’s main islands North and South Island
  • Chile’s Pacific island Easter Island
  • Chile and Argentina’s southern island Tierra del Fuego
  • Equador’s Pacific islands Galapagos
  • Blue Grotto island Capri
  • Irish Sea island Isle of Man
  • “Pony” island in English Channel Shetland Island
  • Danish islands between Iceland and Great Britain Faroe Islands
  • Islands 500 miles northwest of Scotland Hebrides
  • Europe’s smallest island nation Malta
  • Islands of the world’s worst airline disaster, owned by Spain Canary Islands
  • Portuguese islands in Atlantic Azores
  • Bahamas’ most populous island New Providence
  • Texas island that is one hundred miles long Padre Island
  • The Statue of Liberty sits on this island Bedloe’s Island
  • Island that welcomed 19th century U.S. immigrants Ellis Island
  • California immigrant island Angel Island
  • Disney World island Pleasure Island
  • Prison located on San Francisco bay island Alcatraz
  • Bounty mutineer’s island Pitcairn
  • Major Dreyfus and Papillon were exiled here Devil’s Island
  • Island of Mt. Suribachi Iwo Jima
  • Marshall Island’s site of first atomic test in Pacific Eniwetok
  • Marshall Island’s site of first hydrogen bomb test Bikini
  • Largest tropical island New Guinea
  • Island of giant monitor lizards Komodo

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World Geography

Bodies of Water

  • World’s Oceans (in order of size)

    1. Pacific Ocean
    2. Atlantic Ocean
    3. Indian Ocean
    4. Southern Ocean
    5. Arctic Ocean


  • The Great Lakes (in order of size)

    1. Superior
    2. Huron
    3. Michigan
    4. Erie
    5. Ontario


  • World’s Largest Lakes

    1. Caspian Sea
    2. Lake Superior
    3. Lake Victoria
    4. Aral Sea
    5. Lake Huron
    6. Lake Michigan
    7. Lake Tanganyika
    8. Lake Baikal
    9. Great Bear Lake
    10. Malawi Lake

Seas of the World

  • Sea between Russian and Alaska Bering Sea
  • Sea between Italy and Balkan Peninsula Adriatic Sea
  • Sea between China and Korea Yellow Sea
  • Sea west of Vietnam, east of the Philippines South China Sea
  • Sea northeast of Australia, home to Great Barrier Reef Coral Sea
  • Sea southeast of Australia Tasman Sea
  • Sea between India and Arabian peninsula Arabian Sea
  • Belgium, Norway and Denmark sea North Sea
  • Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia sea Baltic Sea
  • Sea between Ireland and Great Britain Irish Sea
  • World’s saltiest body of water Dead Sea
  • Sea between Egypt and Saudi Arabia Red Sea
  • Georgia, Bulgaria and Ukraine sea Black Sea
  • Sea north of Black Sea and Crimean Peninsula Sea of Azov
  • Sea between Greece and Turkey Aegean Sea
  • Sea separating Asian and European Turkey Sea of Marmara
  • Sea in Israel, a.k.a. Lake Tiberius Sea of Galilee
  • Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan sea Aral Sea

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Other Bodies of Water Facts

  • World’s largest sea South China Sea
  • World’s largest swamp Gran Pantanal (Brazil)
  • World’s largest marsh Everglades
  • World’s largest bay Hudson Bay
  • World’s largest gulf Gulf of Mexico
  • World’s highest tide Bay of Fundy (Canada)
  • World’s deepest lake Lake Baikal (Siberia, Russia)
  • World’s longest freshwater lake Lake Tanganyika
  • Largest lake in South America Lake Titicaca
  • Deepest lake in the U.S Crater Lake
  • Largest lake lying within U.S. boundaries Lake Michigan
  • Source of Mississippi River Lake Itasca, Minnesota
  • World’s longest strait Strait of Malacca (Indonesia)
  • Persian Gulf strait Strait of Hormuz
  • Strait between English Channel and North Sea Strait of Dover
  • Strait at southern end of South America Strait of Magellan
  • Strait dividing Asia and North America Bering Strait
  • Strait dividing Spain and Morocco Strait of Gibraltar
  • Strait separating Italy and Sicily Strait of Messina
  • Strait separating North and South Islands of New Zealand Cook Strait
  • Swedish-Finnish Gulf Gulf of Bothnia
  • Prince Edward Island gulf Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Gulf between Iran and Arabian Peninsula Persian Gulf
  • Gulf of western Africa Gulf of Guinea
  • Bay on Beaufort Sea Prudhoe Bay
  • Bangladesh bay Bay of Bengal
  • Spanish-French bay Bay of Biscay
  • Liffey River bay Dublin Bay
  • Sound south of Cape Cod Nantucket Sound
  • Washington state sound Puget Sound
  • Canals in Venice and China Grand Canals
  • Canal connecting Hudson River and Great Lakes Erie Canal
  • Largest lake in Southern Canada Lake Winnipeg
  • Lake between Switzerland and France Lake Geneva
  • Lake behind Grand Coulee Dam Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake
  • Lake behind Hoover Dam Lake Mead
  • Lake behind Aswan High Dam Lake Nasser
  • Largest lake in Central America Lake Nicaragua
  • New York-Vermont lake Lake Champlain

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World Geography


  • World’s longest rivers

  • 1 Nile
  • 2 Amazon
  • 3 Yangtze (China)
  • 4 Mississippi
  • 5 Ob-Irtysh (Russia)
  • Major River of

  • Atlanta Chattahoochee
  • Boston Charles
  • Harrisburg, PA Susquehanna (Three Mile Island)
  • Little Rock Arkansas
  • Louisville-Cincinnati Ohio
  • Washington, D.C Potomac
  • Alaska Yukon
  • Idaho, Oregon border Snake
  • Iowa Des Moines
  • Montana Missouri
  • Nebraska (North) Platte
  • New York state Hudson
  • New England Connecticut
  • Hudson tributary Mohawk
  • North Dakota Red River (of the North)
  • Texas-New Mexico Rio Grande
  • Virginia James
  • West of the Rockies Colorado
  • Baghdad Tigris
  • Budapest Danube
  • Cairo Nile
  • Dublin Liffey
  • Florence Arno
  • Hamburg Elbe
  • Kiev Dnieper
  • LisbonTagus
  • Liverpool Mersey
  • London Thames
  • Montreal St. Lawrence
  • Paris Seine
  • Rome Tiber
  • Stalingrad Volga
  • St. Petersburg Neva
  • Vienna Danube
  • Argentina-Uruguay Rio de la Plata
  • Northwest Canada Mackenzie
  • Northeast Canada Churchill
  • West central France Loire
  • Northeast India Ganges
  • Ireland Shannon
  • Israel Jordan
  • Pakistan Indus
  • Poland Vistula
  • Scotland Clyde
  • Spain Ebro
  • South Africa Orange
  • Turkey Meander
  • Venezuela Orinoco
  • Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand Mekong
  • Northern Vietnam Red River
  • East Africa Zambezi
  • West Africa Congo
  • North and east Africa Nile
  • Northwest Europe Rhine
  • River that feeds Lake Geneva Rhone
  • “Big Muddy” river Missouri
  • Robert Burns’ “Sweet” river Afton

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World Geography


  • World’s highest waterfall Angel Falls, Venezuela
  • U.S. highest waterfall Ribbon Falls, Yosemite
  • Falls on the Zambezi River Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  • Falls on the Brazil-Argentina border Iguassu Falls
  • Falls between Lakes Erie and Ontario Niagara Falls
  • Major Falls in Natal, South Africa Tugela Falls
  • Falls at Grand Canyon Havasu Falls

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