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What Civil War general was known for his “mutton chop” sideburns?



What Civil War photographer is credited with being the father of photojournalism?


Clara Barton

What Civil War nurse was known as “The Angel of the Battlefield?”



What future outlaw served in the war as part of Quantril’s Raiders?

William Tecumseh Sherman

What Union general lead his troops to the capture of the city of Atlanta?

What Mississippi town was laid under siege by General Grant’s forces in 1863?

What play was Abraham Lincoln watching when he was shot?

What two ironclads met at the Battle of Hampton Roads in 1862?

The Civil War

  • First capital of the Confederacy Montgomery, AL (Cradle of the Confederacy)
  • Capital after Montgomery Richmond, VA
  • President of Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis
  • Vice president of C.S.A Alexander Stephens
  • Number of states in the Confederacy Eleven
  • Number of states in the UnionTwenty-three
  • Lincoln’s first choice to head Union ArmyRobert E. Lee
  • C.S.A. general; “Old Jube”Jubilee Anderson Early
  • C.S.A. general who captured Fort SumterP. G. T. Beauregard
  • C.S.A. general; victor at Shenandoah Valley(Thomas) Stonewall Jackson
  • Union general; “Fighting Joe”Joseph Hooker (term “hooker” came from his camp followers)
  • Union general who captured Savannah aka “Uncle Billy”William Tecumseh Sherman
  • Union general; “Little Phil”Philip Sheridan
  • Union general with “mutton chop” sideburnsAmbrose Burnside (Rhode Island governor)
  • He resigned as head of the Union Army, 1861Winfield Scott
  • Union army chief relieved in 1862George McClellan (“Little Mac”)
  • Union general who was Buchanan’s V.PJohn C. Breckinridge
  • Union admiral who captured Mobile Bay, 1864David Farragut
  • Superintendent of Union Army nursesDorothea Dix
  • Female surgeon who received Medal of HonorMary Walker
  • “Angel of the Battlefield”Clara Barton
  • Female “Spy of the Cumberland”Pauline Cushman
  • Confederate female spyBelle Boyd
  • Underground railroad conductorHarriet Tubman (Moses of her people)
  • Man who led raid on Harper’s Ferry, 1859John Brown
  • Slave involved in a Supreme Court decisionDred Scott
  • Civil War detective agency Pinkertons (“We never sleep”)
  • Union gorillas Jayhawkers
  • CSA gorillas Bushwackers
  • Line dividing slave and free states Mason-Dixon line
  • States along the Mason-Dixon lineBorder States
  • First state to secedeSouth Carolina
  • Last state to secede (by legislative vote)Tennessee
  • First state to rejoin the UnionTennessee
  • Last state to rejoin the UnionGeorgia
  • Union ironcladMonitor
  • Confederate ironcladMerrimack (a.k.a. Virginia)
  • Ill-fated C.S.A. submarineHunley
  • “The Breadbasket of the Confederacy”Shenandoah Valley
  • Infamous Confederate POW campAndersonville (in GA)
  • Confederate train hijacked by the NorthThe General (in GA)
  • Site of first Civil War battle in April, 1861Fort Sumter
  • First major battle, July, 1861, where “Stonewall” Jackson got his nicknameFirst Manassas (Bull Run)
  • Tennessee battle site, April, 1862Shiloh (won by U.S. Grant’s army)
  • “Road to Richmond” battle, Feb.-June, 1862Shenandoah Valley Campaign
  • Virginia battle site, Aug., 1862Second Manassas (Bull Run)
  • Bloodiest battle in American history, Sept. 1862Antietam, MD
  • Robert E. Lee’s greatest victory, April-May, 1863Chancellorsville, VA
  • Lawrence, KS raiders from Missouri,1863Quantrill’s Raiders (including Jesse James)
  • Battle where Stonewall Jackson lost an armFredericksburg
  • Robert E. Lee’s greatest victory, April-May, 1863Chancellorsville, VA (Stonewall Jackson died)
  • Mississippi River battle site, March-July 1863Vicksburg, MS
  • Pennsylvania battle site, July 1863Gettysburg
  • Union commander at GettysburgGeorge Meade
  • Confederate commander at GettysburgRobert E. Lee
  • Gettysburg ridge defended by Union ArmiesSeminary Ridge
  • Gettysburg “charge”Pickett’s Charge
  • Gettysburg ridge Pickett charged upCemetery Ridge
  • He captured Savannah, GA, Sept 1864 General Sherman
  • Tennessee-Georgia site, Sept 1863 Chickamauga, GA
  • Place where Lee surrendered, April 1865Appomattox (Court House)
  • Farm where Lee met Grant to sign the surrenderWilmer McLean’s
  • Rebuilding the South after the warReconstruction
  • Confederate inaugural songDixie
  • Theater where Lincoln was shotFord’s Theater
  • Lincoln was shot while watching this playOur American Cousin
  • Man who shot LincolnJohn Wilkes Booth
  • Doctor who set Booth’s broken legSamuel Mudd
  • Woman hung for Lincoln’s deathMary Surratt
  • Only person executed for war crimesHenry Wirz, Andersonville P.O.W. commandant
  • Term for southern sympathizers in the northCopperheads
  • Northern opportunists in the South after the warCarpetbaggers
  • Civil War photographerMathew Brady
  • 20th century Civil War historianBruce Catton
  • Group of Civil War veteransGrand Army of the Republic

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