What was the name of the ship on TV’s “The Love Boat”?



What is the name of the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier?

What ship is known as “Old Ironsides” although its hull is made primarily from Georgia oak?

What cruise ship capsized off the coast of Italy in 2012?

  • Charles DarwinBeagle
  • Sir Francis Drake The Golden Hinde
  • Pilgrims Mayflower
  • Henry Hudson (crew mutinied) Half Moon
  • Captain BlighThe Bounty
  • Admiral Horatio NelsonVictory
  • John Paul Jones Bonhomme Richard
  • Christopher Columbus (flagship) Santa Maria
  • Captain CookDiscovery
  • Captain Ahab (fictional) Pequod
  • Captain Nemo’s submarine (fictional) Nautilus
  • Roald Amundsen Fram
  • Thor Heyerdahl’s raft Kon-Tiki
  • Oliver Hazard Peary Lawrence
  • Robert FultonClermont
  • Jacques Yves CousteauCalypso (sung about by John Denver)

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  • Mayflower’s sister shipSpeedwell
  • Monitor’s ironclad adversaryMerrimack
  • Merrimack’s southern nameVirginia
  • USS Constitution“Old Ironsides”
  • “Small vessel” sailing shipCaravel
  • Fastest sailing shipClipper ship
  • Clipper ship that set New York to San Francisco record, 1851Flying Cloud
  • Clipper ship of fame Cutty Sark
  • One-masted shipSloop
  • Ship with one mast and a single jibSchooner
  • Four-masted shipBarquentine (Barque)
  • Ships that sailed to Jamestown, 1607 Susan Constant, Discovery, Godspeed
  • ‘Spectral ship’ destined to sail the seas forever Flying Dutchman
  • Ship of the 1839 slave mutiny Amistad
  • First steam powered ship to cross the Atlantic Savannah
  • Ship that sank on April 14, 1912 Titanic
  • Ship that came to the Titanic’s rescueCarpathia
  • Ship that sank on May 7, 1915 Lusitania
  • Ship that sank in 1956 collision with Stockholm Andrea Doria
  • “Ghost ship” found abandoned in 1872Marie Celeste
  • Ship sunk in Havana harbor, 1898 Maine
  • Titanic’s sister shipsBrittanic, Olympic
  • Lusitania’s sister ship Mauritania
  • Russian ship where crew mutiniedPotempkin
  • German pocket battleship scuttled in Montevideo in 1939 Graf Spee
  • Ill-fated German battleship Bismarck
  • Ship hijacked by North KoreaPueblo
  • Ship hijacked by Cambodia Mayaguez
  • First nuclear-powered submarine Nautilus
  • First nuclear-powered aircraft carrierEnterprise
  • Freighter that sank in Lake Superior, 1975Edmond Fitzgerald
  • Liner hijacked by Palestinians, 1985Achille Lauro
  • Greenpeace research vessel, sank in 1985Rainbow Warrior
  • Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup yacht, 1987 Stars and Stripes
  • Alaskan oil spill ship, 1989 Exxon Valdez
  • “Royal” liner in service for Cunard Queen Elizebeth II (QE2)
  • Cruise ship that capsized off the coast Italy, 2012Costa Concordia
  • John F. Kennedy’s PT-boat PT-109
  • Lieutenant Commander McHale’s PT-boat PT-73
  • TV “Love Boat” Pacific Princess
  • Gilligan’s lost tour boatUSS Minnow

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