Who was Marie Antoinette’s mother?



Who became king of Saudi Arabia in 2015?


Bhumibol Adulyadej

Bhumibol Adulyadej is the current king of what country?


Louis XIV of France

What french king was known as “The Sun King”?


Facts About Royalty

  • British monarch who died in 1910Edward VII
  • Mother to Elizabeth I Anne Boleyn
  • Chakkri family rules here Thailand
  • He abdicated the British throne in 1936Edward VIII
  • The name of five Hawaiian kings Kamehameha
  • Last Hawaiian queenLiliuokalani
  • Country with ten kings named ChristianDenmark
  • He preceded King David of IsraelKing Saul
  • He was the first Stuart king of EnglandJames I
  • He was the last York kingRichard III
  • Louisiana was named after himLouis XIV
  • The Merry Monarch Charles II
  • He was king of ThebesOedipus
  • She was the last of the Ptolemy dynastyCleopatra (VII)
  • King of Egypt when the Suez Canal opened King Farouk
  • “Good” king of Bohemia King Wenceslaus
  • Youngest daughter Nicholas II and Alexandra Anastasia
  • King that “lost” the American coloniesGeorge III
  • Prince Andrew’s younger brother Prince Edward
  • Constantine VIII’s empire, c. 1042Byzantine
  • Country of Yi dynasty, 1392-1910 Korea
  • Magyar prince of Hungary, c. 997St. Stephen
  • The House of Orange rules here Netherlands
  • Olav I ruled here Norway
  • Henry VIII’s adviserThomas Cromwell
  • State of Georgia is named for him George II
  • Richard the Lionhearted and King John’s mother Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • Captain Mark Phillips was married to herPrincess Anne
  • Longest ruling Danish monarchChristian IV
  • Catherine of Aragon’s mother Isabella (of Aragon)
  • Marie Antoinette’s motherMaria Teresa
  • To quote her, “We are not amused”Queen Victoria
  • Guy Fawkes tried to blow up this king James I
  • A Grand Duke rules here Luxembourg
  • Malcolm Candor killed this king in 1057Macbeth
  • Carl XVI Gustav rules hereSweden
  • She is divorced from Lord Snowden Princess Margaret
  • Wilhelmina was her mother and Beatrix is her daughterJuliana
  • Carol II was king hereRomania
  • The last British emperor of India George VI
  • Caroline and Stephanie’s younger brotherPrince Albert
  • King of the Franks, 500 A.D Clovis I
  • This prince consort died of typhoid in 1861Prince Albert
  • The Black PrincePrince Edward
  • Longest ruling French kingLouis XIV
  • Last English monarch to enter the House of CommonsCharles I
  • Longest ruling English monarchVictoria
  • Irish king who defeated the Danish, 1014Brian Baramha
  • Uncrowned Queen of EnglandLady Jane Grey
  • Mary, Queen of Scot’s son James I of England
  • Byzantine emperor, 527-564Justinian I
  • Prussian king, 1740-82Frederick II (the Great)
  • Germany’s last kaiser Wilhelm II
  • Henry Brolingbrook a.k.aHenry IV
  • Mad king who built Neuschwanstein CastleLudwig II
  • He is married to Princess Sophia of GreeceKing Juan Carlos
  • Scottish king killed by his own people Charles I
  • Age begun in England, 1901, ending Victorian AgeEdwardian Age
  • Holy Roman Empire founderOtto I
  • Regina, Saskatchewan is named for herQueen Victoria
  • French king who was canonizedLouis IX (St. Louis
  • Virginia was named for herElizabeth I (Virgin Queen)
  • King Manuel I was from this countryPortugal
  • King Alfonzo XIII was from this country Spain
  • Umberto I was from this countryItaly
  • Country of Pedro I and Pedro IIBrazil
  • He was Europe’s longest-reigning monarch when he died in 1993Baudouin I (of Belgium)
  • England’s longest-reigning dynasty Plantagenet
  • The last Stuart queen (made a patent for the typewriter, 1714)Queen Anne
  • “The Young Chevalier”Charles Edward Stuart
  • “Country Girl” who became princess of Monaco Princess Grace (Kelly)
  • English king who won the Battle of Crecy, 1346 Edward III
  • King Zod’s country Albania

  • “The Crusader Queen”
    Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • “The Citizen King”Louis Phillipe
  • She built the Hermitage Catherine the Great
  • King beheaded by is own people, 1793 Louis XVI
  • First king of a united Italy, 1861Victor Emanuel
  • Last French king, 1870 Napoleon III
  • The Duchess of WindsorWallace Simpson
  • Nickname of French King Louis VI Louis the Fat
  • English king made a saint in 1161Edward the Confessor
  • The Jacobites supported himBonnie Prince Charlie
  • Florence ruling family Medici
  • Milan ruling family Sforza
  • Robert I ruling house Bruce
  • Austro-Hungarian ruling familyHabsburg
  • Prussian ruling familyHohenzollern
  • Queen Beatrix ruling familyOrange
  • Queen Elizabeth II ruling family Windsor
  • Portuguese ruling familyBraganza
  • King Juan Carlos ruling familyBourbon
  • Monaco ruling familyGrimaldi

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Current Royalty

  • BelgiumAlbert II
  • DenmarkMargarethe II
  • Japan Akihito
  • Jordan King Abdullah Hussein
  • LiechtensteinPrince Hans Adam II
  • LuxembourgGrand Duke Henri
  • MonacoPrince Rainier
  • Netherlands King Wilhelm Joseph
  • Norway Harold V
  • Saudi ArabiaKing Salman
  • SpainKing Juan Carlos
  • Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf
  • Thailand King Bhumibol (Rama IX)
  • United Kingdom Elizabeth II

For facts about Royalty see Game Show, now in its 5th edition

English Royalty

For more facts about English Royalty see Game Show, now in its 5th edition

  • Henry II Eleanor of Aquitaine (mother of Richard the Lionhearted and King John)
  • Henry VIII* Catherine of Aragon (mother of Mary I)
  • Henry VIII*Anne Boleyn (mother of Elizabeth I)
  • Henry VIII*Jane Seymour (mother of Edward VI)
  • Henry VIII*Anne of Cleves
  • Henry VIII*Katherine Howard
  • Henry VIII*Katherine Parr
  • Henry VIII**Memory tool- Henry VIII wives’-Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived
  • VictoriaPrince Albert (father of Edward VII)
  • George VIMary, a.k.a. “Queen Mum”
  • Edward VIIIWallis Simpson (whom he abdicated for)
  • Elizabeth IIPrince Philip (Mountbatten)

  • Charles, Prince of Wales (would be Charles III)
  • William, Duke of Cambridge (would be William V)
  • George, Prince of Cambridge (would be George VII)
  • Henry (Harry), Prince of York
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York
  • Beatrice, Princess of York
  • Eugeni, Princess of York
  • Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex
  • Princess Anne, The Princess Royal

Scottish Royalty

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French Royalty

For facts about French Royalty see Game Show, now in its 5th edition