What Prussian aided George Washington by teaching military discipline to the colonial troops?

ans: Baron von Steuben

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Revolutionary War

  • Patriotic group established in 1765 Sons of Liberty
  • Street clash on March 5, 1770Boston Massacre
  • Lawyer who defended British soldiers of Boston MassacreJohn Adams
  • December 17, 1773 raid Boston Tea Party
  • Patriot who captured Fort Ticonderoga Ethan Allen
  • Organization of patriots founded by Ethan Allen The Green Mountain Boys
  • Battle of Monmouth heroineMolly Pitcher
  • Revolution Common Sense authorThomas Paine
  • “The Scribe of the Revolution” Thomas Jefferson
  • Prussian adviser to George WashingtonBaron von Steuben
  • Polish general who helped Colonists Count Pulaski
  • Pole who aided in the Battle of SaratogaThaddeus Kosciusko
  • French aide to George WashingtonMarquis de Lafayette
  • Colonial officer, father of Robert E. Lee Henry (Light Horse) Harry Lee
  • Federalist Papers (85 essays) authorAlexander Hamilton
  • Patriot spy caught and hanged Nathan Hale
  • Colonial ambassador to France Benjamin Franklin
  • Colonists who favored the BritishTories
  • General who defected to the British Benedict Arnold
  • Major who defected to the BritishMajor John Andre
  • Virginia lawyer and war advocate Patrick Henry
  • Sea captain who took the war to BritainJohn Paul Jones
  • South Carolina “Swamp Fox”Francis Marion
  • British-German mercenariesHessians
  • George Washington’s command Continental Army
  • First battle of the warBattle of Lexington
  • Second battle of the war Battle of Concord
  • Battle near Boston, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill (fought on Breed’s Hill)
  • Battle leading to the fall of Philadelphia Brandywine
  • General who captured Montreal in 1777Richard Montgomery
  • “Mad” Colonial general Anthony Wayne
  • Colonial victory that brought French into the war Saratoga
  • British general who surrendered at Saratoga, 1777John Burgoyne
  • General who defeated Burgoyne Horatio Gates
  • Battle that decided the warBattle of Yorktown, VA
  • General who surrendered to Washington at Yorktown Charles Cornwallis
  • Treaty ending the war Treaty of Paris


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