Carrie Chapman Catt

Who founded the League of Women Voters in 1920?



What French humanitarian-aid organization won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999?



Who founded the Girl Scouts of America?



  • 19th Century English SocietyFabian Society
  • League of Women Voters founderCarrie Chapman Catt
  • Boy Scouts founderLord Baden-Powell
  • Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low
  • Salvation Army founderWilliam Booth
  • Sierra Club founderJohn Muir
  • March of Dimes founderFranklin Roosevelt
  • Planned Parenthood founderMargaret Sanger
  • Hull House founder Jane Addams
  • John Birch Society founder Robert Welch
  • National Organization for Women founderBetty Friedan
  • Red Cross founder Clara Barton
  • International Red Cross founderHenry Dunant
  • Special Olympics founder Eunice Shriver
  • First Peace Corps directorSargent Shriver
  • Group that originally send packages to WWII suvivorsCARE
  • Defense organization founded April 4, 1949 NATO
  • Location of NATO headquarters Brussels, Belgium
  • Organization founded in Bogota in 1948OAS
  • Organization founded by 33 scientists in 1888National Geographic Society
  • Famine relief fund raiserLive Aid
  • “Rainbow Warriors” organizationGreenpeace
  • Organization founded to aid political prisoners1961 Amnesty International
  • Animal protection groupASPCA
  • Group that teaches employment skills to youthJob Corps
  • Organization that teaches economics to youthJunior Achievement
  • National youth service created in 1993Americorps
  • French international doctors associationDoctor without Borders
  • Charitable home building associationHabitat for Humanity
  • “We do by learning” organization 4H
  • Civil rights organization founded in 1909 NAACP
  • Organization founded by Carolyn Scott Harrison DAR
  • Organization founded by Candy LightnerMADD
  • United Nation’s children’s aid organizationUNICEF
  • Location of Interpol headquarters Paris
  • Cartel founded in Baghdad in 1960 OPEC
  • Latin American economic cooperation group OAS
  • European org. estab. to promote trade 1957EEC
  • George Bernard Shaw’s socialist society Fabian Society
  • America’s largest veteran’s organizationAmerican Legion
  • Organization established for overseas veteransVFW
  • Organization founded by Franklyn RooseveltMarch of Dimes
  • League founded in 1910 to help blacks migrateUrban League
  • Organization trying to unite Africa Pan-Africa
  • Largest teachers unionAmerican Federation of Teachers
  • 19th century female union leaderMother Jones
  • American Railway Union founder, 1893 Eugene Debs
  • United Mine Workers leader (1920-60) John L. Lewis
  • United Farm workers founderCaesar Chavez
  • Detroit-based unionUnited Auto Workers
  • UAW president Walter Ruether
  • Akron-based unionnited Rubber Workers
  • Teamsters leader, 1957-71 Jimmy Riddle Hoffa
  • Teamsters current presidentJim Hoffa
  • AFL founder Samuel Gompers
  • AFL-CIO leader, 1955-79 George Meany
  • AFL-CIO leader following MeanyJoseph Lane Kirkland
  • Railroad car manufacturer’s strike, 1894Pullman Strike
  • Union that had a major strike in 1959 Steelworkers
  • U.S. Department of Labor safety agency OSHA
  • Org. of World’s Leading Industrial NationsG-8
  • Group of finance ministers and bank governors from 20 economiesG-20

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