What Apache Chief appeared in Theodore Roosevelt’s inaugural parade?


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Sitting Bull

What Lakota Sioux holy man led the attack against George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn?

What Nez Perce Chief went to Washington D.C. in 1879 to meet with president Rutherford B. Hayes?

Canadian lacrosse player Jay Silverheels starred in what classic TV western?

  • Pawtucket chief (welcomed Pilgrims)Squanto
  • Chief who befriended Plymouth ColonyMassasoit
  • Native American who led the First Indian WarKing Phillip
  • Shawnee chiefTecumseh
  • Sauk chiefBlackhawk
  • The Lakota belonged to this tribeSioux
  • Teton Sioux chiefSitting Bull
  • Oglala Sioux chiefCrazy Horse
  • Site where Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse massacred Custer’s men, 1876 Little Big Horn, Montana
  • Site where the Sioux were massacred, 1890Wounded Knee, SD
  • Chiricahua and Kiowa tribeApache
  • Apache chief 1860’sCochise
  • Chiricahua Apache, captured 1886Geronimo
  • Nez Perce chiefChief Joseph
  • Squamish chiefChief Seattle
  • Delaware Indian and New York hallTammany
  • Indians of southern FloridaSeminoles
  • Seminole chiefOsceola
  • Ottawa Indian chiefPontiac
  • She married Jamestown settler John RolfePocahontas
  • Pocahontas’ fatherPowhatan
  • Pocahontas’ English nameRebecca
  • Lewis and Clark’s guideSacajawea
  • “Trail of Tears” IndiansCherokee
  • Cherokee language developerSequoya
  • New Mexico tribe,“Ancient Ones”Anasazi
  • Alaskan EskimosInuits
  • Cliff dwellers of ArizonaPueblo
  • Pueblo dollsKachina Dolls
  • Pueblo Indians of northeast ArizonaHopi
  • “Long Walk” tribe, largest in US Navajo
  • Navajo dwellingHogan
  • Mississippi Indians Creek
  • Honduras-Nicaragua IndiansMosquito
  • Sculptors of Middle America Olmecs
  • Indians of Central Mexico Aztecs
  • Aztec capitalTenochtitlan
  • Aztec leaderMontezuma
  • Aztec sacred birdQuetzel
  • Aztecs over ran them, 1100 A.D Toltecs
  • Astronomers of South MexicoMaya
  • Mayan feathered serpent dietyQuetzalcoatl
  • Indians of PeruInca
  • Incan capital Cuzco
  • Incan city in the Andes Machu Picchu
  • Indians of Lesser Antilles.Carib Indians
  • 1520 Indian confederacy Iroquois League
  • Iroquois League founderHiawatha
  • Hiawatha’s mate Minnehaha
  • Iroquois houseLong House
  • Olympic hero, 1912 Jim Thorpe
  • Native American in anti-pollution commercials“Iron Eyes” Cody
  • Tonto portrayer Jay Silverheels
  • She turned down Marlon Brando’s Oscar in 1972 Sasheen Littlefeather
  • Colorado senatorBen Nighthorse Campbell
  • Indian corn Maize
  • Indian conference Pow wow
  • Indian money Wampum
  • State with largest Indian populationCalifornia
  • State with the most Indian landArizona
  • Five original Iroquois League tribes Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga
  • The five civilized tribesCherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminoles


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