What is the name of the smallest bone in the adult human body?

Answer: STAPES (aka stirrup)

  • Blood type “factor” (positive or negative) Rh factor
  • Blood type of a universal donor Type-O negative
  • Blood type of universal recipient Type-AB positive
  • Watery part of blood Plasma
  • Where blood is produced Bone marrow
  • Disc-shaped blood cell for clotting Platelet
  • Leukocytes a.k.a White blood cells
  • Number of bones in the adult human body 206
  • Number of vertebrae in the spine 33
  • Three bones of the inner ear Hammer, anvil, stirrup
  • Body’s smallest bone Stirrup (stapes)
  • Wrist bones Carpals
  • Shoulder bone Scapula
  • Upper jaw bone Maxilla
  • Lower jaw bone Mandible
  • Collar bone Clavicle
  • Shoulder blade Scapula
  • Bone ribs are attached to Sternum (breastbone)
  • Upper arm bone Humerus
  • Lower arm bones Radius and ulna
  • Body’s longest bone Femur (upper leg)
  • Shin bone Tibia
  • Smaller bone that runs next to the tibia Fibula
  • Shoulder bone and collar bone Pectoral girdle
  • Between the talus and tibia Ankle
  • Tailbone Coccyx
  • Hallux Big toe
  • Minimus Little toe
  • Tissue that connects bones Ligaments
  • Central knee ligament ACL
  • Fibrous structure at the end of most muscles Tendon
  • Largest tendon in the body Achilles tendon
  • Tussue separating bones in joints Cartilage
  • Science of skeletal muscles Orthopedics
  • Body’s longest muscleSartorious
  • Shoulder muscles Deltoids
  • Front upper arm muscle Biceps
  • Back upper arm muscle Triceps
  • Front thigh muscle Quadriceps
  • Inhalation muscle Diaphragm
  • Rectus femoris muscle Thigh
  • Group of nerves Plexus
  • Body’s longest nerve Sciatic
  • Sense of smell nerve Olfactory nerve
  • Nerves at back of abdomen Solar plexus
  • Number of chambers in the heart Four
  • Heart’s upper chambers Left and right atria
  • Heart’s lower chambers Left and right ventricles
  • Sac surrounding heart Pericardium
  • Middle layer of heart wallsMyocardium


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