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Appaloosa Spotted

What type of spotted horse was first bred by the Nez Perce Indians?


American Pharoah

In 2015, what horse won the Triple Crown after a 37 year drought?



What South American animal is the smallest member of the camel family?



What type of bird talks the best?



What is the largest flightless bird of Australia?



What once-thought extinct fish was rediscovered in 1938 off the coast of South Africa?



What member of the bovine family has the longest horns?



What animal is know as the “cobra killer?”

    Answer:  MONGOOSE


What country do lemurs come from?

Barbary ape of Gibralter

What is the tailless ape that lives in Gibraltar?

Rhodesian Ridgeback

What kind of dog was bred in South Africa to hunt lions?


What is this large venomous lizard of the southwest United States?

What kind of animal is noted for having one large claw?

What is the giraffe’s smaller African relative?

What South American tree-dweller is also a name for one of the Seven Deadly Sins?

What long-haired Hymalayan bovine is one of the largest members of the cow family?

What insect is known for causing African sleeping sickness?

What bird was sacred to ancient Egypt?

Animal Kingdom

Part One

  • Classifications of Animals

  • Kingdom Animal
  • Phylum Cordate
  • ClassMammal
  • OrderPrimate
  • FamilyHominoidea
  • GenusHomo sapiens
  • SpeciesHuman being
  • Animal Facts

  • World’s tallest animalGiraffe
  • World’s second-tallest animalElephant
  • World’s fastest animalCheetah
  • World’s second-fastest animal Pronghorn antelope
  • World’s fastest two-footed animal Ostrich
  • Longest living animalGiant tortoise
  • Longest living mammalMan
  • Second-longest living mammalElephant
  • Largest living animalBlue whale
  • Toothless whale with two blowholesBaleen
  • Whale with long flippersHumpback
  • Whale with unicorn-like projectionNarwhal
  • Orc or orcaKiller whale
  • Deepest-diving whale Sperm whale
  • Lowest animal in food chainPlankton
  • “Sea cow”Manatee
  • Manatee relativeDugong
  • Sea lion, seal, and walrus familyPinniped
  • Largest pinnipedElephant seal
  • Male and female pinniped which have tusksWalrus
  • “Mud puppy” and “hellbender”Salamanders
  • Largest amphibianJapanese salamander
  • Number of hearts in an octopusThree
  • Freshwater crustacean Crayfish (crawdad)
  • Oyster, clam, and mussel classBivalves
  • Freshwater pearl source Mussels
  • “Blue point” bivalveOyster
  • “Cherrystone” bivalveClam
  • Stone and snow sea creaturesCrabs
  • Animal with largest eyeGiant squid
  • Sea hedgehogSea urchin
  • Crab with one big clawFiddler crab
  • Crab that uses a discarded shellHermit crab
  • Crab and scorpion familyArthropod
  • Cone gastropodSnail
  • Best-swimming bearPolar bear
  • Largest bearsPolar and Kodiak bears
  • Smallest bearSun Bear (SE Asia)
  • South America’s only bear Speckled bear
  • Animals of AustraliaMarsupials
  • Eucalyptus-eating marsupialKoala (not a bear)
  • North America’s only marsupialOpossum (possum)
  • Baby kangaroo Joey
  • The kangaroo’s smaller relativeWallaby
  • Marsupial with the strongest jawsTasmanian Devil
  • “Hairy nosed” marsupialWombat
  • Symbol of the World Wildlife Fund(Giant) Panda
  • North American panda relativeRaccoon
  • South American raccoon relativeCoati
  • Source of mohairGoat
  • Camelopard a.k.a Giraffe
  • Giraffe’s smaller African relativeOkapi
  • Himalayan oxYak
  • Woolly ox of northern Canada and GreenlandMusk-ox
  • Long-horned European member of goat familyIbex
  • Burchell’s animal Zebra
  • Thompson’s animalGazelle
  • South African gazelleSpringbok
  • World’s largest antelopeEland
  • Gnu a.k.a Wildebeest
  • “Ship of the desert”Camel
  • One-humped camelDromedary
  • Two-humped camelBactrian
  • South America’s largest member of the camel familyLlama
  • Smallest member of camel familyVicuna (South America)
  • Llama relative raised for woolAlpaca
  • World’s largest snakePython
  • Western Hemisphere’s largest snakeAnaconda
  • Adder and rattlesnake familyViper
  • Western hemisphere’s largest pit viperBushmaster
  • Africa’s most lethal snakeBlack momba
  • Egyptian cobraAsp
  • World’s longest poisonous snake (Southeast Asia)King cobra
  • Cobra killerMongoose
  • Suricate, a.k.aMeerkat
  • Turtle shellCarapace
  • World’s largest lizardKomodo dragon
  • Western hemisphere’s largest lizardIguana
  • Small lizard with suction cup feetGecko
  • Lizard of Galapagos IslandsMarine iguana
  • Venomous lizard of US southwestGila monster
  • Great apesGorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, bonobo
  • Two types of gorillaMountain and lowland
  • Dominant male gorillaSilverback
  • Great ape of Borneo and SumatraOrangutan
  • Pan family great apeChimpanzee
  • Chimpanzee’s close relativeBonobo
  • Monkey of MadagascarLemur
  • Tailless macaques of GibraltarBarbary apes
  • Monkey with red nose and blue cheeksMandrill
  • Borneo monkey known for unusually large noseProboscis monkey
  • Asian monkey used in researchRhesus monkey
  • Monkey that can be heard for several milesHowler monkey
  • Long-armed monkey with prehensile tailSpider monkey
  • Long-armed ape of Southeast AsiaGibbon
  • Small new-world monkeyMarmoset
  • Smallest monkeyPygmy marmoset
  • Slow, hanging tree-dweller of South AmericaSloth
  • South American long-snouted mammalTapir
  • South American fur-bearing rodentChinchilla
  • The hippopotamus’ smaller relativePygmy hippopotamus
  • Only venomous mammalDuck billed platypus
  • Egg-laying mammalsDuck billed platypus and spiny anteater (echidna)
  • Flying mammalBat
  • Blood-sucking batVampire bat
  • Navigational method of batsEcho location
  • African cat-like mammalCivet
  • “Golden” African predatorGolden Jackal
  • Spotted “laughing” carnivoreHyena
  • World’s largest rodentCapybara
  • North America’s largest rodentBeaver
  • “Golden” chubby-cheeked rodentGolden hamster
  • Arboreal rodentSquirrel
  • Rodent from MongoliaGerbil
  • “Suicidal” rodent from AntarcticaLemming
  • Ermine, ferret, and badger familyWeasel
  • Largest member of deer familyMoose
  • Only deer family member where both sexes have hornsCaribou
  • Thompson’s graceful antelopeGazelle
  • Prairie wolfCoyote
  • Cow-likeBovine
  • Goat-likeHircine
  • Bear-likeCaprine or Ursine
  • Fox-likeVulpine
  • Wolf-likeLupine
  • Sheep-likeOvine
  • Pig-likePorcine
  • Caudal vertebrae in animalsTail


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Animal Kingdom

Part Two

  • Birds

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Fish and Sea Creatures


For much more Animals see Game Show, now in its 5th edition

Animal Kingdom

Part Three

  • Horse Owners

  • Other horse facts

  • Triple Crown Winners

  • Horse racing’s triple crown events

  • Insects

  • Animal Groups


For much more Animals see Game Show, now in its 5th edition